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Incumbent and Insurtech collaboration via Open Innovation Strategy

Insurtech is disrupting the entire value chain and customer life cycle. ‘I want it now’ culture, increasing consumers’ needs, high competition and changing regulations force incumbents to change. Disruptive technologies offer the opportunities to redesign customer experience

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InsurTech in Turkey: Challenges and Opportunities

In 2016, with the foundation of FinTech Istanbul, an independent organisation supported by Interbank Card Center of Turkey, the Turkish FinTech ecosystem has started to develop and receive attention internationally.

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What is RegTech?

RegTech solutions are considered as an important contribution to profitability and efficiency, while improving compliance.

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The Challenges of Driving Innovation and Disruption

In the financial industry there are a few concepts like trust, history and financial success that are valuable. It is logical then that if you do the right things and play by the rules, you may stay in business for ever. Not anymore!

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