FINTECH Tours — intensive city experiences.

A two-day intensive experience in the City of London, the fintech capital of the World.

FINTECH Tours—insights into the future of finance, asset management, insurance and fintech innovation.

Why London?

London is poised to overtake New York and Silicon Valley in the next 24 months as the World’s fintech capital, as shown by the chart below.

In 2017 London was #1 for fintech deal activity with 39.3% of all deals done between the three locations, beating Silicon Valley in its second position with 37.1%.

This means that as far as having your startup seen and funded, London is a major—if not the major—city from which to focus your organization’s networking and growth objectives.

Introducing FINTECH Tours.

A FINTECH Tour is one of the most powerful ways to meet innovators creating the next wave of financial products and services.

Network with leading fintech entrepreneurs, financial services professionals, accelerators and investors globally.

Explore new business and revenue models, and apply them in your business to improve your competitive edge.

Learn from fintech thought leaders across WealthTech, InsurTech, RegTech, Blockchain, Crypto Finance and Enterprise Innovation.

Nurture your innovation culture and maximise your business success by making the right connections with like-minded people, organisations and investors.

Attend a FINTECH Tour and we will vouch for you.

On a FINTECH Tour we not only give you access to our hand-picked network of premier connections, but we also vouch for you and your business by making introductions and recommendations in person.

Gain access to our private network.

We’ve worked hard to find and build strong relationships with these organizations and individuals over a significant period of time, meaning you get to bypass that and jump straight into conversation with them. This will not only save you months of time and energy, but it will open up doors that would otherwise be closed.


How financial institutions can form strategic partnerships with startups.

Startup Mindset

Learn from global fintech founders, how they succeed and best practises to be implemented in large financial services firms.

Digital Disruption

Experience the fintech Revolution yourself in London, the global fintech hub.

“FINTECH Circle was a great support from the start of our journey to our successful exit to Santander in just 3.5 years. They helped us with fundraising and through other key fintech initiatives.”

Ivo Weevers, Founder, Albert

Why attend a FINTECH Tour designed and hosted by FINTECH Circle?

We have a proven track record for helping individuals and companies grow through strategic matchmaking, fintech education and events.

Planet Earth

We are the leading fintech ecosystem in the world, with over 120,000 members, entrepreneurs, financial services, technology companies and fintech influencers globally.

We are also Europe’s first Angel Network investing in the most cutting-edge innovators across FinTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, RegTech, blockchain and AI.

The FINTECH Circle Institute is a pioneer in fintech education combined with our FINTECH Book series published by Wiley.

Nurture your innovation culture and maximise your business success by making the right connections with like-minded people, organisations and investors.

Sample Tour

FINTECH Tours agenda

Day 1

Global fintech disruption

Innovation at work

Fintech accelerator tours in London

Day 3

Legal clinic, regulation & compliance

Pitch training and investor pitching opportunity

Enterprise innovation & cultural change

Day 2

Fintech showcases

Marketing your fintech products

Business development: strategic partners in UK

Book your bespoke FINTECH Tour to meet your objectives.

“We were delighted to work in partnership with FINTECH Circle for the BNP International Hackathon. This was a complex challenge which drew deeply upon their extensive ecosystem and expertise. The requirement was not only to assess and select multiple entrepreneurs across 2 intricate and multi-faceted customer journeys, but also to ensure a positive experience for our attendees and FinTech participants. The value that FINTECH Circle delivered to the whole process, their speed of execution, excellent communication and responsiveness was exemplary. The event was a major success and we look forward to working with FINTECH Circle for the long term.”

Michael Brooke, Head of Innovation, CIB, BNP Paribas

“The FINTECH Tour to London was an outstanding experience for our executive students. The bespoke program by FINTECH Circle allowed us to meet a top UK challenger bank, Innovation Directors of leading banks and a startup focused on providing cutting-edge open banking solutions – it opened our eyes on the latest fintech innovation & business models and technology solutions. Their experienced lecturers showed us how to make digital transformation a success!”

Dr. Andreas Dietrich, Professor of Banking, Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts