Are you a fintech startup looking for Funding?

FINTECH Circle runs Europe’s 1st Investor Network focused on fintech Smart Capital. We bring together the best fintech investors with the most innovative entrepreneurs.

Fintech only


Funding potential

Eligible for SEIS/EIS

Application Process to get funded

We have a strict process of reviewing new fintech startup investment opportunities.

Startup Evaluation

Each quarter, we rate all startup applications against our proprietary methodology, selecting the top 18-20 applicants.

Selection Days

The selected startups are invited to present in front of FINTECH Circle’s experienced Selection Panel where the top 8 startups, which will present to FINTECH Circle investors, are chosen.


The startups, that make it to the next round, meet up with our coaching panel which advises on what to include in presentation and provides feedback on how to prepare before presenting to investors.

Angel Network Event

The startups that successfully passed the selection days will present to FINTECH Circle investors at an exclusive London event.

Upcoming Investor Network rounds

application deadline

31st August 2024

INVESTOR Network Evening

Sept 2024

Investor Network Partner

Are you an investor?

Join Europe’s 1st Fintech focused Investor Network to invest alongside other private investors in a collaborative manner.

Successful applications will receive a FINTECH Circle membership.

What are the benefits of becoming a FINTECH Circle member?

Discounted rates with leading providers of services relevant to fintech startups and scaleups.

Access and contribution to thought leadership research and events.

Access to members only networking, educational and training events.

Discounted rates to FINTECH Circle events.

We regularly invite our entrepreneurs to speak at fintech and financial services conferences.

Benchmarking reports with other FINTECH Circle startup members.

Successfull exits of startups that received funding via FINTECH Circle.

Acquired by in October 2018.

Acquired by Santander in October 2018.

Ivo Weevers Albert

“FINTECH Circle was a great support from the start of our journey to our successful exit to Santander in just 3.5 years. They helped us with fundraising and through other key fintech initiatives.”

albert bookkeeping

Ivo Weevers, Founder, Albert

Did you know?

Many startups fail to receive the funding they deserve because they aren’t able to present their business in the best possible light to potential investors.

This isn’t just terrible news for startup owners, but also for investors and the rest of us (potentially profitable and world-changing ideas were never brought to fruition).

Download our top 10 tips for Startups to pitch to investors.

As part of our FINTECH Circle Angel Network we have selected several hundred fintech founders to present at our Selection days. We have seen great, average and bad pitches over the last 4 years. This document gives you valuable examples to help you learn from the best, summarized in our top 10 tips to maximise your fund raising success.

Ready to apply?

Have your investor presentation and business plan ready. Our goal is to help you grow and succeed. Let’s start.