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Albert, your Pocket Bookkeeper, automated and simplified daily finances for the self-employed. It quickly became UK’s fastest-growing and highest-rated app fro freelancers. Santander acquired the company end of 2018.

Keywords: SME, mobile, financialmanagement, invoicing, openbanking


AlgoDynamix revolutionises the way financial forecasting is done. Our analytics combine unsupervised machine learning algorithms and real-time order book data to produce advanced market movement insights.

Keywords: financialforecasting, financialanalytics, alphacapture, fintech, AI


Divido is a white-label platform for lenders and retailers that would like to offer point of sale finance to consumers.

Keywords: retail finance, POS finance, BNPL, SAAS

Funding Xchange

Funding Xchange is the only end-to-end digital intermediary in SME lending, delivering fast access to affordable finance for SMEs, and market shifting technology for lenders.

Keywords: fintech, business lending, data analytics, business loans, business financing


InvoiceFair is an innovative trading Platform that enables SMEs access to fast, flexible working capital finance through the sale of their receivables to institutional funders with diverse risk appetites.

Keywords: working capital funding, SME funding, receivables trading, cashflow, business growth


KASKO has built an end-to-end insurance platform where insurers can design, run and continuously optimise insurance products within their own or third-party channels.

Keywords: insurtech, fintech, insurtechasaservice, digital insurance, digital innovation



Liberatrade are redefining the supply chain by combining AI with real world experience and applying it to every step, using enterprise data to improve sales, reduce waste, and access to capital. 

Keywords: SupplyChainAI, AI, Logistics, Fintech, EnterpriseAI


Longevity Card

Longevity Card is the new way to manage your money and lead a healthy lifestyle in one banking app, combining cutting edge Financial Technologies, HealthTech and Longevity Marketplace.

Keywords: fintech, longevity, healthtech, b2b, b2c

Obsidian Solutions




Paysend is the global Fintech payments disruptor based in UK on a mission to change how money is moved around the world. We help consumers and businesses moving money to over 90 countries. Paysend is money for the future.

Keywords: #moneyforthefuture #payments #fintech #paytech #moneytransfer 


Seccl is a custodian and technology company. Our API provides plug-and-play access to financial markets – helping fintechs to launch investment/advice propositions quickly and affordably.

Keywords: Wealthtech, regtech, advisertech, investments, financialadvice


Reinventing cashback through the power of Open Banking.

Keywords: fintech, cashback, savingsapp, openbanking, omnichannelplatform


xpate is a fintech startup that makes the payment process faster and easier by introducing the first true drag-&-drop payment experience in the world uniting all payment methods in one account.

Keywords: paytech, payments, fintech, UX

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