VIP Dinners

Imagine an Exclusive private event, full of your “ideal” Clients, with your Fintech business – as the Star of the show

Enjoy a Faster, better Sales & Marketing process

FINTECH Circle VIP dinners fast-track the entire Sales process & make it super-easy to target your ideal clients. Why? Because we do it all for you.

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VIP Invitation only

You tell us who your ideal client is and we invite them. It’s that simple. Due to our influential, trusted Network and Susanne’s  gravatas, we’re able to introduce you to Unicorns, innovative, new Fintechs & even the biggest NEO banks

We Invite. YOU Present

We fill the Room with exactly “who you REALLY Want” in attendance. Then as well as a VIP dinner, with a springle of social networking …you also get to be the “Star of the Show” as the guest speaker.

VIP Dinners or Breakfast

Whether it’s an informal Breakfast meeting, Luncheon or a VIP dinner in the Shard, London, the time & choice of venue is entirely up to you.


Either way, you get to easily reach & present to those hard-to-get to “ideal” clients normally impossible for you to reach.

As “guest speaker” the floor is yours...
Present to your Perfect new Clients

Best marketing work shop I’ve ever been on”

Warren Barrie

Best marketing work shop I’ve ever been on”

Warren Barrie

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