Reach your ideal clients with Webinars

Sell into your “ideal” Fintech prospects quickly & easily. Deliver the perfect sales presentation during an informative, education-based Webinar


Reach an audience of over 216,000+ fintech professionals


Done for you Solution. We provide the training, audience, the platform and the marketing. You just turn up & deliver the magic


The fastest way to “sell in” your ideal clients

We’re on a mission to create the world’s leading FinTech ecosystem & a platform
for connecting, investing, educating and generating opportunities
for finance professionals & Tech entrepreneurs

Reach a 260,000+ strong Fintech Community

Get maximum exposure. With a total reach of over 260,000+ you can deliver your presentation to your ideal Banking, Fintech & Financial services clients

Deliver the Perfect Webinar

With full 1-2-1 coaching, guidance and our “done for you” approach, we’ll 100% hold your hand to deliver a pitch-perfect presentation.

We’re there at every step of the process

Gain Massive Publicity

We will share your news of your Webinar pre & post “LIVE event” via email plus it’s also shared on social media for additional reach & exposure

Ever Green Registrations

Generate additional registrations forever with the option to post an article with key takeaways after the webinar.

This is also shared on social media for additional reach too

Promotion, maximising your brand
visibility & lead generation.


FTC team provides full technical & admin support

Fintech for Good

All registration & engagement details shared with you

Why is this a great option for you?

Share your expertise and promote your solution to a global fintech-focused audience. Webinars are the most popular and effective lead generation tool.

Use long-lasting brand building through hosted video content and marketing.


Gain real-time industry engagement through Q&A and polling.

How does this work?

We start by sharing the news of your Webinar (pre & post “LIVE event”) via email and across all our social media channels for maximum reach & exposure.

Then, during the webinar, we post Q&A s  and  Polls to keep your session as interactive as it could be and at the end of webinar we redirect all the participants to your landing page where they can interact with you directly.

Who attends normally?

Our live webinars offer a number of opportunities for all SMEs and Fintechs. Thus, our attendees are anyone or everyone who are directly or indirectly related to the fintech industry.

What does this cost?

Please contact us for pricing

What happens next?

We build long lasting relationships with all our clients and members. After the webinar, we set up a VIP Roundtable to help you meet the shapers and shakers of the industry.