FINTECH Courses.

Open up a world of new opportunities for you and your organization, with cutting-edge financial technology education.

FINTECH Circle offers cutting edge fintech and digital finance content to help you acquire the right knowledge, skills and mindset to join the global fintech ecosystem.

Accelerate your career development and organization by learning about fintech fundamentals, trends, new technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain innovation and the latest new business models which are disrupting the financial industry globally.

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FINTECH MasterClass

Book a FINTECH MasterClass for your management to help them understand global fintech trends & business models and how to apply the latest insights to your organization

Online Foundation Course

Register for the online FINTECH Foundation Course. Learn from fintech leaders and leading academics, and acquire your fintech know-how in as little as 6 hours.

Online Transformation Course

Register for a 6-hour online Digital Transformation Course to acquire entrepreneurial skills and the right mindset and tools to be part of successful change initiatives in your Organization.

Management and Leadership Programmes with a fintech and digital transformation specialism

The most innovative and effective Financial Services Leadership and Management Programme on the market, leading to a CMI qualification. 

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Are you equipped for the fintech revolution?

Rolling out your ambitious digital agenda requires skilled teams – experts in agile working practices, skilled in analytics and design, digital innovation methods, fintech solutions and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. You want teams who can execute with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The pressures of digital disruption mean both strategy and execution capabilities need to be constantly trained and implemented to succeed. That’s the focus of the FINTECH Circle MasterClasses. We ensure that your teams are 100% ready to leverage the fintech revolution for the benefit of your organization and your customers.

Learn from global experts

With FINTECH Circle courses you learn from world-class lecturers at leading universities and industry leaders such as Fintech CEOs, investors and Heads of Strategy and Innovation at major banks.

Learn at your own pace

Our education platform allows you to set your own pace and decide when and how you prefer to learn. We support your educational experience and are committed to make you a fintech expert in no time.

Engaging content

We have distilled the essence of what’s important. FINTECH Circle’s lessons are content-rich and practical creating an enjoyable learning experience on your PC, tablet or mobile.

Get Certified

Achieve a Certificate of Completion from FINTECH Circle once you pass all modules with our CPD approved courses.

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You can also book a bespoke FINTECH Tour.

A FINTECH Tour is one of the most powerful ways to meet innovators creating the next wave of financial products and services.