FinTech Marketing Conference

We were honoured to be invited to talk about marketing at the Fintech Marketing Conference last week.

FinTech Marketing Conference

We were honoured to be invited to talk about marketing at the Fintech Marketing Conference last week.

Date: 30 April 2024
Author: FINTECH Circle

We had the pleasure of appearing on stage at the Fintech Marketing Conference on the 23rd of April 2024.

The title of our panel discuss before a audience full of Fintech CEO’s and C-Suite delegates was

What’s the secret? The recipe for driving the most successful B to B marketing campaigns within financial services and fintech brands”

Our CMO Glenn p Burgess and the panel discussed; What makes a great fintech marketing campaign and what does not!  The panel also also shared their Top Success Tips to making sure that all of your fintech marketing campaigns will hit the right spot.

The Panel was expertly moderated by Raf De Kimpe CEO of Fintech Week London 

On the Expert Marketing Panel were:

It was certainly in enlightening and lively debate which covered all the the fundamentals of Marketing and many “Success tips were shared”

Some of these Tips included:

Tip 1:   Glenn P Burgess:  ” I recommend you re-visit the basics eg: make sure that your marketing “foundations” are all in place. 

Having a detailed Psychographic profile is vital when it comes to making sure that you are effectively “entering the conversation your ideal customer is already having with themselves.” 

“Remember we are not trying to convince anyone of anything… we are merely entering the conversation they are having with themselves and then sharing a solution to your customers problem or guiding them in the direction of your product or solution to their problem.”

In summary:  Keep focused on “selling the medicine” – eg: they have a HEADACHE and you have the MEDICENE! Its that simple.  This way you’ll keep  conversion rates high due to the fact you are always  “…speaking your ideal customers language!”.

Glenn P Burgess speaking at The Fintech Marketing Conference April 23rd 2024

Tip 2: Don’t forget to add foundational, educational content – content that helps buyers buy. Digital Landscape Analysis shows – although broad and deep – FinTech and FS is a highly competitive digital landscape in which to be competing for buyers attention.

Tip 3: Alongside big ideas, and thought leadership foundational educational content is critical in winning buyers attention.

Remember: (93% of B2B buyers start with an internet search)

Question: Can you give an example of a successful B2B marketing campaign you ran? Why do you consider it successful, what was the key factor in that success?

Glenn P Burgess:  Definately, the first example would be our Fintech Films. We promote Fintechs that want exposure via our yearly Fintech Films which are launched at Fintech Connect as a live premiere. The last film had a total reach of 579,000+. These can’t be beaten for highlight Fintechs on a global scale. Also the Fintech Book series that we co Authored

Tip 4: B2B buyers are humans too. Emotional drivers play as much (if not more) of a role in decision making than rational ones. Use your creative strategy to help you stand out in the category.

We’re 20 times more likely to remember a story than a list of facts.

During the talk Glenn also shared

Secret ingredient # 1 Deep, deep Psychographic Profiling:

The Foundational Basics usually aren’t covered well enough. It’s always about the ability to communicate directly to ICP’s key “pain” points.

Remember: We’re not trying to convince anyone of anything. We’re always trying to “enter” the conversation they are already having with themselves. Personas & Avatars are usually lacking and weak (at best). A tip for Marketing Managers. Engage with your “targets”. Interview your ICP’s 1-2-1. Discover their language. Hit the streets. Think Dominic Cummings in Brexit. There’s a lot to learn by going direct.

…Make it personal.

Glenn Secret ingredient #2 Omni Channel, Tracking, Data Silos & Buyer Journeys:

The key here is delivering the right Educational Content eg: “Aha moments” based on their specific position in the funnel. ToFu, MoFu,BoFu. Tracking this consumption effectively and nurturing and personalising content by “delivering the right content at exactly the right time.”

Can you give an example of a learning point for a campaign that didn’t go as intended, why?
What was your key learning point from that campaign?

Mariette Ferreira – campaigns that have underperformed have been because:

A) they didn’t have internal buy-in / shared ownership
B) they didn’t optimise for the audience as well as the channel – particularly in paid or social channels, you’re competing for cut-through with everyone, not just your competitors

Karen Maer Ching

Secret Ingredient 1 – Build – Each campaign and GTM should be able to drive innovation to improve UX and CX – by working backwards with customers and user insights, we are able to drive the velocity of innovation and get the flywheel working.

Secret Ingredient 2 – Market – build mechanisms. As Jeff Bezos said, “Good intentions don’t work. Mechanisms do.” Long-term, you can’t solve problems by working more or trying harder – having a mechanism and that is iterative, identify root causes and provide valuable insights to drive and scale campaigns and gather insights. Think about how Gen AI is changing how we manage, use data to hypersonalise for our customers and on the user side, it drives insightst that could drive our marketing strategies (still on the flywheel)

Secret Ingredient 3 – Sell – drive the how and execute. Making our campaigns and GTMs more bias-for-action. Providing our sales team to embrace the GTM strategy and sell the products/campaigns we have built, market and drive revenue across various channels.

What is your “secret” driving the most successful B2B marketing campaigns within financial services and FinTech brands? (What is your key take-away from this session for the audience?)

  1. Mariette: Sometimes to cut through in B2B you have to act or think like a B2C
  2. Glenn: Lock down the foundations. 9 times out of 10. They not locked well.
  3. Jonny: Work to understand the buyer journey and how you can increase your influence within it. Educational content that helps buyers buy + engaging storytelling helps you get remembered.

All in all a fantastic event that delivered alot of value.  Best of all after the event we enjoyed Canapes and drinks with all the speakers and Conference attendees including the delightful

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