June 2018 Newsletter

June has been one our busiest months on record with lots of positive news to report! We celebrated the global launch of The INSURTECH Book and The WEALTHTECH Book published by Wiley at separate events at The Shard in London this month.

The first launch event was for The INSURTECH Book on 11 June with our authors flying in from all over the world, some from as far as New Zealand, Brasil, Peru, Canada, USA and all across Europe. We kicked the launch off with a book signing session of more than 100 books for our guests.

It was great experience to finally meet one another after many months of collaborative work of writing and editing. After the book signing the authors were able to present themselves before the rest of the guests turned up for the evening event and networking.

Co-Author Henrique Volpi the CEO of Kakau a leading Brazilian InsurTech startup shared his entrepreneurial journey and lessons on how to work with leading insurers which was later reported in Banking Tech.

Gemma Valler, Finance Editor at Wiley shared great sales figures with us – both The InsurTECH and the WealthTECH Books were already purchased by more than 1,200 readers worldwide in its first month.

Our editors debated the future of Insurtech discussing their views and how they chose the final drafts. From left to right Shan Millie, CEO BrightBlue Hare, Sabine VanderLinden, CEO Startupbootcamp InsurTech and Rainmaking and Nicole Anderson, CEO Redsand Partners.

The launch for the WEALTHTECH Book was on 25 June which also drew in another full house at Warwick Business School at the Shard London. The authors gathered in the book signing room to start the day then followed on to give some excellent presentations before the rest of our guests arrived for the official launch.

Thanks to Prof. Markos Zachariadis (Warwick Business School & FinTech Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge) for the warm welcome to start the evening session and also to our co-editor Thomas Puschman, founder & director Swiss Innovation Fintech Lab.

This followed with a fireside chat with Angelique Schouten, Global Board Member and former CEO of Ohpen UK. A big thank you also for an excellent Wealthtech keynote by Christopher Sparke, Global Head of Wealth Management – Digital Solutions, at Thomson Reuters.

We were honoured to have a fireside chat with Ziling Zeng, Sichuan Association of Fintech (SCAFT) from China with a focus on the future of Wealthtech cross border regulation. Thanks to our event sponsors Ohpen, SCAFT and Thomson Reuters.

It was an incredible evening! Thanks to everyone who joined our global book launch and for creating such a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. The FINTECH Books Series has established itself within the hearts and minds of the global Fintech community. The new books have sold into their thousands within the first month and we suspect a good year ahead for our latest bestsellers. To find the full coverage of both books, pls use hashtags #insurtechbook and #wealthtechbook across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Early June, FINTECH Circle and the FINTECH Circle Institute announced a strategic partnership with China’s Global Fintech Lab. FINTECH Circle started to source the best western Fintech companies with strong potential for the Chinese market and will host the first China-UK FINTECH Bridge Conference in Fall.

Finally, I was honoured to be invited by UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May to 10 Downing Street for a wonderful summer reception to celebrate UK’s booming tech sector!

FINTECH Conferences

  • Singapore 3 – 6 July InsurTech Elevate Asia  Real-life case studies, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, technical and regulatory solutions needed, and most importantly, how to get your digital strategy off the ground.
  • London, 6 -13 July London Fintech Week Join them for the 5th Annual London Fintech Week
  • London, 9 – 11 July 2nd Annual Intelligent Automation: Financial Services From RPA to Cognitive: Everything you need to develop the data-driven business of the future.
  • London, 12 July The Future of FinTech – London Hear from some of the pioneering companies who are leading the way and look at what’s coming next in the world of FinTech.
  • Paris, 18 July Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France is a big conference in Paris covering cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICOs.
  • Moscow, 16 – 18 July Russia Blockchain Summit Expecting over 500 senior and targeted decision makers in attendance, with verticals including banking and finance, insurance
  • Washington, 26 – 27  Blockchain Conference: Washington D.C. Bringing senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups into a room and discuss Blockchain/DLT beyond Bitcoin.
  • Silicon Valley, 6 – 10 August Navigating FinTech Disruption One-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the latest trends in FinTech, directly from the Silicon Valley insiders.
  • San Francisco, 7 – 9 August M2Banking & Fintech Latam With the robust growth of smartphone and internet penetration, Latin America has become the second-fastest growing mobile region in the world.
  • Chicago, 22 – 24 August Mobile Payments Conference The conference will highlight the many new mobile commerce platforms, services, solutions, and standards that continue to enter this exploding market.
  • Bangkok, 31 August Block Hedge 3rd Edition Blockchain has emerged to be one of the top disruptive technological development of the decade and that’s not what we are debating.

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation – Peter Lancos
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Blockchain: Moving from POC to Reality – James Burnie
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Cryptocurrency Deployment Fundamentals – Steven Dryall
Jumpstart your cryptocurrency project: Build platform community & achieve liquidity. #bitcoin BTC ETH Alts


“Nationwide launches £50 million fintech venture fund – Targeting strategic, early-stage investments in fintech startups working in a selection of core areas. In return, startups will get support from senior Nationwide staff for things like marketing.” Read more

“International Trade Secretary launches FinTech investment drive – International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP launches a new FinTech investment drive, bringing together academics, industry experts and businesses. ” Read more


“Finastra’s new fintech app store to change how banks innovate – Finastra has gone live with a new platform in order to accelerate innovation for its 9,000 bank clients by allowing them to easily connect to fintech applications within an open marketplace.” Read more

“Abu Dhabi Global Market and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Advance FinTech Cooperation for Cross-Border Growth Opportunities – Abu Dhabi Global Market, the International Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi, and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority signed a co-operation agreement today to jointly promote and enable financial services innovation, and accelerate cross-border FinTech business opportunities in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).” Read more

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed our June newsletter!

Best wishes,

Susanne Chishti
CEO, FINTECH Circle & FINTECH Circle Institute
Co-Editor of The FINTECH BookThe WealthTECH Book and The InsurTECH Book