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Open Innovation

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Smart Capital

Invest in startups or get funded. We connect best fintech founders and investors.

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Fintech Trends 2020 

 What does the future hold for the Fintech industry? 

Fintech Trends 2020 explores the broad trends we expect to see across Fintech, as well as trends in specific focus areas such as AI, Legaltech, Open Banking, and China.


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Fintech Investment Landscape 2019

This 1 hour course provides you with an overview on the global fintech investment sector, explaining investors decision making and due diligence process and providing guidance to startups.


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Fintech Foundation

This course provides a 30min overview what Fintech is for beginners, to learn about the key players and key sector trends.

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Artificial Intelligence in Finance

This course provides a 30min overview on what artificial intelligence is and how AI is applied to financial products and services.

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Fintech for Wealth Management (WealthTECH)

This course provides a 30min overview on what WealthTECH is and how fintech/wealthtech solutions are applied to investment and wealth management products and services.

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Featured FINTECH Insights.

As payment cards become less visible and the point of sale is found in more diverse places fintechs are able to integrate their services and innovate in the rewards space

One notable area of impact is the fintech industry which has disrupted traditional banking and financial management at both industry and individual levels.

Fintech innovation driven by non-bank entities is progressively deconstructing the walls that have traditionally surrounded finance.

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