Reinventing Finance Podcast featuring Susanne Chishti

Date: 25 May 2021
Author: FINTECH Circle

Reinventing Finance is a Podcast hosted by Tom van der Lubbe, Co-Founder of Viisi Mortgages, and Nikolaus Sühr, CEO and Co-Founder of KASKO. This Podcast is for anyone who is interested in the current developments of the Insurtech, Insurance, Fintech and Finance market. Thought-provoking, entertaining and critical. Join us as we discover what some of the current industry leaders and decision makers are doing, the lessons they have learned, the main challenges and opportunities they identify, and how they see the current status of the Insurance and Finance industry.

Episode 7 hosted the FINTECH Circle Founder & CEO Susanne Chishti, discussing:

  • Looking back at your career, what are your key takeaways from working in the financial services sector?
  • What was your vision behind starting FINTECH Circle?
  • Where do you see the future of Fintech? How will the sector evolve in the next years and what are the trends?
  • The huge opportunity of embedded finance and insurance
  • Do you have some best practices that you see for fintech and insurtech startups partnering with incumbents?
  • The FINTECH Circle Angel Network – how does it work and how are companies selected for investment?
  • What is your advice to Fintech founders and entrepreneurs for choosing Investors?
  • Fintech has been ahead of Insurtech – What do Insurtech and Fintech have in common and what can Insurtech take away from Fintech?

Listen to this episode here.

You can watch the conversation here.