Implications of Machine Learning/AI and Distributed Ledgers on Finance in the Quantum Age

Implications of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledgers on Finance in the Quantum Age
By John Hooks (@ThatAIGuy)

The convergence of three emergent technologies: Intelligent Learning Systems (AI, ML), Quantum Computing (QC) and Distributed Ledgers (DLT) will likely have a transforming impact on our society and shape the future of Information Technology.

What will be the direction of future AI, ML technology initiatives in the financial industry, in a broad spectrum of research, development & commercialisation efforts for ML, AI and DLT in the quantum domain?

As an example, quantum computing is finding a vital application in providing speed-ups in ML, critical in our “big data” world. This will have a profound impact on Investment Portfolio Management, High Frequency Trading, Loan Origination and processing, Fraud Detection, Risk Modelling and calculating credit ratings.

Future use cases that can leverage these three technologies include a secure and transparent distributed personal financial data (PII) marketplace, and a secondary mortgage platform with a tokenised exchange combining DLT, post-QC cryptographic algorithms and deep learning technologies.

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