Future HopeTech

Future HopeTech
By Hamad Alzeera

This is a short story about a family, Adam and Eve, having their first baby born Hope, born in 2030, who will later grow to become a future global FinTech influencer. In the middle of a very much RPA-centric dominating world, a fast-moving stressful feelingless life, where human connectivity is at its all-time low, that time, human connectivity was being addressed by world leaders and G20 countries.

The UN declared a new SDG, to ‘Humanize’ people’s relationships aiming to restore healthy human interactions for a world to be a better place. Adam and Eve were hoping that Hope will grow to discover more Hope in a better more humanly-linked future planet.

Growing up, Hope discovered her passion for finance and Technology, she attended university, majoring in FinTech, further specializing in “financial inclusion and literacy”. However, when Hope graduated in 2050, there were no business shops having the word “bank” mentioned in their commercial license! Hope spends the rest of her career discovering different areas where AI and technology were being applied to provide better, cheaper, faster, seamless experience and most importantly, wider financial inclusion and financial literacy to a much larger audience where more people were eligible to access different suite of financial services that were not provided earlier to their parents back in the early 2000s.

Hope worked on numerous FinTech projects, including opening wealth management bank accounts and life insurance plans for newborn babies, creating machine learning microchips installed in infants’ brains, designing robo-bankers providing personal banking services and investment management, advising startups, micro and SMEs raising capital, creating talent acquisition robo-recruiters, as well as Regtech, Legaltech, SupTech and EconTech tools for future central banks.

By reading Hope’s biography, this is an example of how AI and future FinTech will change our financial lives forever.

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