FINTECH Circle launches the 1st film about “The Future of Fintech”

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Date: 30 November 2020
Author: FINTECH Circle & ITN Productions Industry News

FINTECH Circle and ITN Productions Industry News launch a bespoke co-production to raise awareness and understanding of the global financial technology sector, and the vital role of fintech during the global pandemic.

Anchored by ITN Productions Industry News presenter Sharon Thomas “The Future of Fintech” features engaging and informative content, exploring opportunities within the industry and the challenges in 2020 and beyond. The news-style format combines key sector interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles, and will be supported by a communications campaign. The programme also showcases examples of the most innovative fintech firms, financial companies and cutting-edge technologies leading the change of financial services and explores a variety of diverse roles to inspire the next generation.

The global fintech market continues to flourish. Valued at 127 billion dollars in 2018, it is expected to hit 310 billion dollars through 2022.[1] This is driven by massive growth in the digital payments sector; “The Future of Fintech” explores what else is in store for the sector and its future.

Susanne Chishti, CEO of FINTECH Circle and Co-Editor of The FINTECH Book Series published by Wiley joins the programme to discuss the importance of fintech, how the financial technology sector is adapting due to the impact of the pandemic – and how it will move forward, the challenges and opportunities in fintech, what the sector can offer the next generation, and the future of fintech.

Now more than ever, mobile phones have become a gateway to inform and communicate; shopping, entertainment and banking are just some of the examples. Jisp bridge the gap between real and digital worlds by empowering the customers of independent businesses to connect in a safe, contact-free shopping environment. “The Future of Fintech” features a film from ITN Productions Industry News reporter Jonathan Gibson and an interview with Julian Fisher, CEO & Founder of Jisp.

Day-to-day purchases and how we live our lives have a direct impact on the environment. The Organisation for Sustainable Consumption (OFNK) and tech company ecolytiq have developed technology that informs consumers how their purchases affect the planet, making people aware of their carbon footprint. Ulrich Pietsch, CEO of ecolytiq and David Lais, CEO of OFNK discuss purchase behaviour in relation to the climate; the key features and benefits of their technology, their users and its availability, why using payment data as common ground is key to fighting climate change, and how this technology might impact society and the planet in the future.

In the financial sector, technology can simplify a complex process. Axel Coustere, Co-Founder of HUBX discussed how HUBX has partnered with global financial services software provider, Finastra to develop a new global Loan Syndication solution that brings lenders and investors together on one platform.

The openness of fintech is a clear break with traditional financial services. Fintech lending platform Lenderwize has identified a gap in the market, creating a service where lenders can earn interest from the global telephone market, offering new opportunities whilst alleviating risk. Lenderwize founder and CEO Lawrence Gilioli discuss how the platform works and the impact it has had on the telecoms industry, how it differs from similar services, what makes the platform unique, the future goals for Lenderwize regarding social Impact and providing opportunities for a wider group of clients.

In 2019 over 40 billion payments were made by debit or credit card, transactions that are potentially a rich source of useful data for business owners. ITN Production Industry News reporter Carolyn Sims leads a report on payment solutions provider, Trust Payments. Daniel Holden, CEO Trust Payments discusses how he believes that there is a huge opportunity to open a world of data and renewal consumer loyalty strategies to merchants.

Collaboration in the financial market is vital to harness opportunity and to keep up with the pace of evolving technology explained Martin Bartlam, International Group Head of Finance and Fintech Global Co-Chair of the global law firm DLA Piper. “The Future of Fintech” includes a special film on DLA Piper who use their expertise and industry relationships to bring together the right stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem, to deliver innovation and success to the financial sector.

ITN Productions Industry News reporter Robin Ross reports from financial software company Phinsys focused on improving financial management, regulatory compliance and reducing operating costs in the insurance sector. Richard Tyler, CEO of Phinsys explains how the company is helping businesses grow leaner, by embracing modern technology solutions, which will be key in a post-COVID world.

ITN Productions Industry News reporter Sue Saville leads a report on the global financial services company Moody’s, who believes that AI and Fintech are strategic enablers for delivering sustainable finance solutions to their clients. Martina Macpherson, Senior Vice President Strategic ESG Management & Andrea Blackman, Global Head, ESG Solutions Group, Moody’s.

The conflict of the COVID-19 pandemic delivering uncertainty to every sector, while also providing the opportunity for growth and development is evident. “The Future of Fintech” will look at how the fintech revolution has accelerated in 2020, as businesses adopt transformation processes to manage systems to better serve their customers.

This first film about “The Future of Fintech” also includes the results of a regulatory fintech study conducted by the University of Cambridge where Professor Robert Wardrop, director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) shares the latest findings. FINTECH Circle works in partnership with CCAF leveraging FINTECH Circle’s ecosystem of more than 130,000 fintech entrepreneurs, investors, financial services professionals and fintech experts to collect data for global fintech research programs.

“The Future of Fintech” will launch at FinTech Connect’s digital conference on 30 November 2020 at 12pm with a dedicated showcase followed by a discussion between Susanne Chishti, CEO of FINTECH Circle and Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Head of ITN Productions Industry News, anchored by presenter Sharon Thomas.

Susanne Chisthti, CEO of FINTECH Circle commented: “ITN Production Industry News has been a fantastic partner for us – converting complex Fintech topics into compelling stories and visualizing the impact fintech solutions have on our daily lives. We are very proud to have produced the first global film on “The Future of Fintech” with ITN Productions Industry News to showcase the importance of our fintech ecosystem and the crucial roles fintech companies, leading financial institutions and service providers play. ITN has helped FINTECH Circle to bring the immense value of the global fintech sector to life.”

Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are delighted to have partnered with FINTECH Circle to make a programme which raises awareness of the fintech sector and the innovative work steering the sector through the current climate, brilliantly showcasing the future of financial solutions.”

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