Beyond the Technology

Beyond the Technology
By Louise Smith (@LouM_Smith)

In a world where everyone is talking about the limitless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and potential opportunity this can bring to people’s lives, are we creating a language that the very few can understand or even access? Therefore, limiting the full potential of this incredible opportunity.

Are we actually getting in the way of ourselves, reserving Artificial Intelligence technologies, adoption and understanding for a small group? When actually we need to get it into the hands of many to truly understand its full potential and impact on our lives.

We focus on the speed in which technology is changing and more recently the social and ethical implications. Whether its jobs falling away, the bias within data and what happens when it goes wrong. This will not be delivered by technology alone but how we bring together the full spectrum and diversity of teams, with a clear purpose and communicated in a way people want to engage.

Any transformation in any industry needs to consider the following at its very core:

  • Pivoting a workforce through transparent communication and authentic leadership.
  • Targeted planning to develop skills and talent including reskilling, attracting and retaining new skills and building living bridges with geographies in a connected way.
  • Building customer solutions with deep diversity to mirror the deep diversity of the customers we serve.
  • Building and enabling diverse teams with an environment where decisioning, respect and transparency thrives.
  • Pathological collaboration to leverage the best ideas e.g. across the business, industry partnerships, start-ups and academia.

What it means and what everyone’s role is to achieve scale at the core of the business. Customer simplicity and delivering on the very expectation you create. Just because the technology can doesn’t mean you should.

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