The xAI Conference 2020 follows the launch of the AI Book, published by Wiley: the first crowdsourced book on the application of Artificial Intelligence across the financial services sector.


The AI Book will be published in April 2020 and is now available to pre-order on Amazon.


Join the launch celebrations on 05 November 2020 in London! You can book your ticket here.


Meet the speakers.

Additional speakers will be announced soon.

susanne chishti

Founder and CEO


Parul Kaul-Green

Head of AXA Labs Europe 


Danny Goh

Founder & CEO

Nexus FrontierTech

Ivana Bartoletti

Technical Director


Sam Handfield-Jones


Seccl Technology

Martina Macpherson

Senior Vice President – Strategic Partnerships and Engagement


Shân M. Millie


Bright Blue Hare


Susanne Chishti, Founder and CEO, FINTECH Circle & Editor in Chief, The AI Book

The adoption into the ‘business as usual’ of AI creates, new, and increases existing risks, for financial services firms and regulators of all kinds. This session aims to map out the landscape and hub thinking on key issues and developments.


Topics discussed will include: 

  • What does regulating the development and use of AI look like? 

  • What are the key features of explainability that regulators and customers look for?

  • Legal risks for financial services sector – what does ‘liability’ mean?

  • Defining and enforcing common standards for identity, audibility and data-sharing

  • How will regtech incorporate and keep pace to effectively monitor AI?

  • Balancing data quality with privacy and how should regulation evolve to allow for open data

  • How can Sandboxes be used to mobilise data and increase innovation with minimal risk? 


Shân Millie, Founder, BrightBlue Hare

This panel will address the key concerns around the ethics, transparency and trust. The industry experts will debate whether sound human judgement, governance and control have ever been more important in the face of the growing sophistication of algorithmic systems. 


Topics discussed will include:

  • What steps doe financial services need to take to ensure customers trust the sector to innovate through AI?

  • Data transparency – what is the trade-off between consumer benefits and privacy?

  • What does digital ethics mean for the financial sector?

  • What are the ethical challenges facing fintech players and institutions?

  • Algorithms to overcome bias and increase fairness

  • Can AI increase trust in banks?

Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director, Privacy, Deloitte and Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI Network

No topic attracts more attention and concern when discussing the near-team impact of AI than the threat to jobs from increased automation and machine decision making. But what does this technological change mean from a leadership and operational perspective? 


Topics discussed during this interactive session will include:

  • Mastering the AI talent transformation – workforce opportunities and challenges

  • Examples of retraining for talent retention in financial services 

  • Preparing for the age of augmented human intelligence 

  • Addressing the absence of coders in the boardroom 

  • Will we see bots in the boardroom?

  • Which skillsets are at risk in the near and long term?

  • The workforce of tomorrow – key skills for the next generation

This section of the agenda is dedicated to real world use cases of AI in financial services – current capabilities, limitations lessons learned and measurable benefits. 


Each speaker will present a seven-minute case study, followed by three minutes for audience questions. 



Susanne Chishti, Founder and CEO, FINTECH Circle & Editor in Chief, The AI Book


Deposits and lending – Automating the Sales Quality Process at a Global Bank

Danny Goh, Founder & CEO, Nexus FrontierTech


Insurance – AI and healthcare 

Parul Kaul-Green, Head of AXA Labs Europe, Axa


Unlock the potential of AI in the digital payment sector 


Capital Markets – AI technologies to cut costs and streamline process 


Investment Management 


From Open Banking to Open Finance 


AI for financial inclusion 

Our panel of AI thought leaders, experts and influencers will take a deep dive into the broad range of issues, governance implications and ways in which AI is likely to evolve  and to impact the entire industry.

Topics discussed will include:


  • What will be the operating model of an AI-first bank?

  • ESG and ethical investing – will AI change investing trends and habits?

  • What are the potential cybersecurity risks with increased dependence and trust in automation and machine learning?

  • What role can AI play in advancing the developing emerging economies?

  • AI-driven trends for the future favour the omnipresence of cloud computing 

  • Predicting the next 10 years of disruption


Susanne Chishti, Founder and CEO, FINTECH Circle & Editor in Chief, The AI Book



Martina Macpherson, President, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, Next Generation Initiative

Susanne Chishti, Founder and CEO, FINTECH Circle & Editor in Chief, The AI Book

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