Scale Up Programme

Grow your fintech startup the fast, easy way

Ambitious fintech? Or SaaS startup?

Get more sales and scale up faster

The FINTECH Circle Scaleup Programme provides a ‘done for you’ end-to-end investment, sales and marketing scaleup programme.


With over 20 years of experience of scaling up businesses globally, we have a proven ‘scale up to exit’ methodology.

The quick way to sell more

and show traction

A tried and tested, proven scaleup system

Our team of experts will help you scale and grow with our proven fast methodology; the 4S Speedy Scaleup System.


We offer £15,000 initial investment and a unique one-stop service combining expert mentoring and marketing guidance, sales support, VC and Angel network access, and ultimately, all the finance you need to scale!

Get investment ready

Quickly raise the investment you need to grow.

We help you refine your marketing messaging before introducing you to our private network of VC’s and investors!

Fast track global expansion

Grow internationally fast

Take over the world within 12 months. Instantly gain a foothold internationally. Fast track the hire of local sales teams, opening overseas offices, etc.


With partner offices in over 20 countries our ‘local knowledge’ –  goes a long way!

Marketing. Solved!

Quickly become the #1 Market Leader

Imagine what you can achieve by having UNLIMITED access to your very own ‘in-house marketing agency’.

Access all the necessary marketing skills, creativity and design talent you need. Quickly and easily become market leader.

We can help make you a

leader in your industry – FAST!

The expertise to guarantee success

Juggling too many balls? Feeling confused?

Gain unlimited access to our expert Advisory board.

Our team (cherry-picked from around the globe over the last 25 years) will help, assist, guide and support your entire scale up process.

Our Experts are truly the ‘best of the best.’

If you want to scale fast.
Get in touch!

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