Responsible Fintech

Responsible Fintech offers you unique insights into the FinTech sector and the future of payments and will aim to demystify the often confusing subject of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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Premiered on the 1st Dec 2021 "LIVE" at the Fintech Connect Conference, FINTECH Circle & ITN Productions Industry News have created a news-style programme exploring the latest innovations, insights, solutions & future trends for the fintech sector...

Responsible Fintech offers unique insights into the fintech sector & shows the many invaluable benefits of financial & technology advancements for the wider economy, the business environment & its social impact.  Post United Nation’s COP26, the programme explores the impact the fintech sector is having on the sustainability agenda including the race to net zero, from the role of banks and insurance companies, ESG, conscious consumer spending & green finance.

Anchored by an ITN Productions presenter and featuring our own CEO, Susanne Chishti, the programme will highlight best practice and knowledge within the sector, shine a spotlight on significant contributions to societal and global advancements and showcase examples of the most innovative fintech firms, financial companies and cutting-edge technologies leading the change of financial services.

Responsible Fintech


Responsible Fintech

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Responsible Fintech

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Responsible Fintech


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