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Digital transformation is a priority of Societe Generale’s “Transform to Grow” strategic plan. FINTECH Circle is the acceleration partner for the internal startup program in the UK and has published a Case Study – Digital Transformation in Banking: Societe Generale including an interview with Anthony Woolley, the UK’s Chief Innovation Officer of Societe Generale. Please visit our blog to read the full article.



We also launched the crowdsourcing campaign for co-authors for our latest Fintech Book. The AI Book will focus on how artificial intelligence will digitally transform finance – our Editing team consists of Ivana Bartoletti, Privacy Professional and Co- Founder of Women Leading in AI,  Anne Leslie, Founder of PSW Consulting, Shân Millie, Founder of Bright Blue Hare and myself.


The table of contents of The AI Book is listed on our AI Book website. To apply, pls register online, select the chapter you would like to write for and upload your 300 word abstract by 15 March. The AI Book will be published by WILEY in early 2020.


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Early March we have our next FINTECH Circle Angel Network pitch event. FINTECH Circle is a highly vetted and curated Membership Club of senior investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and influencers who are all enthusiastic about the growing FinTech sector globally. You can join FINTECH Circle here.



FINTECH Circle is proud to be number two in the Top 100 Fintech Organizations on Social Media. Only the leading publisher TechCrunch came ahead of us. Thanks Jay Palter for collecting and sharing this data! Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for our latest news and the very best Fintech content! 👍


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‘Stripe, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest payment startups valued at $22.5 billion, is backing another payments company. Rapyd, which offers a mobile-first financial network, said on Wednesday it had raised in $40 million in its Series B round led by Stripe and venture firm General Catalyst.’ Read more


‘Fintech companies raised a record $39.6 billion from investors globally in 2018, up 120 percent from the previous year, according to research by data provider CB Insights. The surge in funding was due in large part to 52 mega-rounds, or investments larger than $100 million, which were worth $24.88 billion combined, the research said.’ Read more


Congrats to UK Startup Bud which we worked with as part of NESTA’s Open Up Challenge. Bud secured $20 million in Series A funding round co-led by HSBC and Goldman Sachs. Bud lets banks offer rivals’ products on their apps. Read more




‘Digital Banking Transformation: Where Should You Start? Many organizations are overwhelmed by the scope of change required to become a “digital bank.” Instead of being stuck in neutral, here are some ideas that can be implemented relatively easily, increasing revenue, decreasing costs and improving the customer experience.’ Read more


The FINTECH Circle Institute has launched its FinTech Curriculum in partnership with the African Fintech Network in Nigeria and will launch its comprehensive range of FINTECH Education Courses for Africa, in collaboration with the African Fintech Network, the newly inaugurated African Fintech Membership Association. Read more


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