Management and Leadership Programmes with a fintech and digital transformation specialism.

Developed in partnership with KnowledgeBrief.

Welcome to the most innovative and effective Financial Services Leadership and Management Programme available.

Designed for finance professionals, the FINTECH Circle and KnowledgeBrief outcome-focused approach offers a rich, interactive learning experience. An innovative programme helps you to excel as a 21st century finance leader and manager, and immediately benefit your organisation, especially if your financial institution undergoes digital transformation and change programmes.

You will gain new experience, fintech skills and knowledge through a blend of different activities: distance learning via the powerful online learning solution, KBPRO® , external stimulus from peer-to-peer interactions at Fintech Master Classes, plus, crucially, opportunities to bring to life your learning and embed this in your real working environment.

This programme is delivered in-house and is customised to solving the digital transformation and fintech challenges of your organisation. Each participant will receive a globally recognised qualification accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

Serving, engaging and inspiring all learners, this programme will include elements of education including the latest insights on best practices in digital transformation and financial technology (fintech), inspiration and challenge, self-reflection, and collaboration with peers.

Train your team about management with fintech focus.

Essential management techniques

Latest ideas and innovations

Tools and checklists

Best learning technologies

Mobile, desktop, face to face

Intuitive content formats

Managed CPD programmes

Chartered Manager options

CMI qualifications


Our online learning platform offers all the learning materials and tools you need to complete the CMI Qualification.


Access a round up of new leadership and management ideas, produced by our research staff and based on a synopsis of the top 150 sources globally.


Focused classes are designed to help you understand global fintech trends and business models and how to apply the latest insights to ensure successful digital transformation results.

CMI Business Reports

Learn from CMI Business Reports, which are broken down into manageable bite size chunks for busy professionals.

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