Webinar: Top 5 strategies for FinTech data protection

Published: 26 October 2020
Author: FINTECH Circle & Pridatect

Learn how to successfully implement data privacy in your FinTech business!

The FinTech industry is facing an array of data privacy challenges: Disruptive technologies that are innovating how money and markets operate, still need to comply with the same data regulations traditional banks are facing. Processing large volumes of sensitive data, FinTech companies are using innovative technologies, reacting more agile to market demands but also facing a higher complexity when it comes to managing data security and compliance regards.

In this webinar, we will go through the top 5 strategies that help FinTech businesses to implement a successful data protection program, considering important aspects from how to collect customer’s consent to prepare plus react to data security breaches and consider privacy at every step of the product design.

When you are registering for the webinar you have also the chance to vote on one of the following bonus topics: Biometrics as identifier for financial transactions, AI data protection challenges or blockchain technology and data protection considerations.

The topics discussed include:

  • Collecting customer’s consent
  • Implementing “Right to be forgotten”
  • Communicating a security breach
  • DPO and EU representation
  • Privacy by design

This webinar is now available on-demand here.


Lisa Hofmann
Chief of Legal Operations


Susanne Chishti
CEO and Founder


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Pridatect helps companies to take control of their data protection with an innovative privacy compliance software: Control, protect and comply with data privacy in a single platform.

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