Webinar: Protecting Sensitive Data with Tokenisation

Date: 25 January 2021
Author: FINTECH Circle and Zortrex

Cyberattacks are among the most dangerous threats for small businesses, with 49% of affected organisations filing for bankruptcy and 51% going out of business entirely.

With the increased exposure of your sensitive data to external attacks, you must prepare and future-proof your business and operations before a compromise happens. You cannot prevent attacks, but you can prevent that any stolen data has meaning and is of value to the “thieves”.

Watch this webinar to learn about smart protection of your data to stay ahead of any cybercriminals in a cost effective way.


  • Learn how to protect your data in an easy and safe way
  • Understand how to protect data in rest, in transit and in use
  • Gain insights into how digital tokenisation can make your sensitive structured data valueless to hackers
  • Benefit from a real-world case study to show you the 5 steps required to protect your company and its data, including your employees, clients and supplier data
  • Webinar attendees will directly benefit from a review at no cost

This webinar is now available on demand here.

About Zortrex

Zortrex is UK’s number 1 company in securing data via tokenisation. A unique, secure and scalable tokenisation system that provides organisations with an unparalleled solution for the security and integrity of financial transactions and sensitive data. Find out more.

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