Webinar: Business Funding for a Post-Pandemic World

Published: 04 November 2020
Author: FINTECH Circle

At the beginning of 2020 no one could predict the extent of Covid-19, its impact, and the disruption it would cause. Certain businesses managed to adapt to the change fairly quickly and the demand for some products and services skyrocketed. Others struggled to successfully modify their way of working and had to (and continue to do so) rely on Government support to keep going.

Moving towards an economic crisis by the end of Q1 2021 when government stimulus stops – what will happen then?

This FINTECH Insights webinar with Channel Capital and guests looks into Covid-19 long-lasting impact on the businesses’ strategy and solutions for an ever-changing world.

Discussion covers:

  • What role technology plays in helping businesses identify risks
  • Are we on borrowed times with regards to business defaults
  • How SMEs can manage their debt and improve liquidity
  • Working from home and its impact on the culture of a company

Access the webinar on-demand here.


Steve Box
Deputy Chair, Channel Capital Founder
Managing Director, Kata Executive Consulting Limited


Susanne Chishti
CEO and Founder


Ian Duffy
Founder and CEO
Accelerated Payments


Katherine Herbert
KitH Limited


Gideon Jones
Global Channel Program Manager



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