The Dawn of the Robo-Advisors

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By FINTECH Books Contributor, Arez Aran
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Throughout the last 8+ years I have dedicated my time and expertise to mastering the stock market. Along the way I faced many misleading paths and had to go through trial and tribulation to finally accept the true nature of the beast, the stock market. It creates more millionaires annually than any other industry around the world and yet shatters the dreams and hopes of many more on a daily basis. The stock market, to say the least, is not all fun and games.

Even Isaac Newton himself, the developer of modern physics, was swept away during the price swings of  stock market euphoria, eventually losing a very large sum of his fortune as quickly as it takes an apple to drop from a tree branch in the hottest stock in England in the 1720s, the South Seas Company.

Since 2012 I have become fascinated by the financial technology industry, better known as Fintech, with particular focus on robo-advisors which I believe to be the future of modern day wealth management.

This industry, is expected to manage ten percent of the world’s assets under management by 2020, but experts believe this figure will be heavily surpassed once a dominant player enters the robo-advisory arena.

With new technologies, including data aggregations and banking API’s now becoming available, there are massive amounts of resources enabling new companies to innovate in area’s that traditional banks cannot.

For them to innovate at the same level as start-ups are today, would be for McDonalds to become an organic restaurant overnight. With the success of machine learning and AI, it is no wonder robo-advisors will dominate.

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