Press Release: KYP Announces New Client

KYP and partner to deliver real-time risk monitoring for Open Banking account providers, offering greater risk mitigation and assurance to clients.

Press Release: KYP Announces New Client

KYP and partner to deliver real-time risk monitoring for Open Banking account providers, offering greater risk mitigation and assurance to clients.

Date: 16 March 2023
Author: FINTECH Circle announced that KYP, a leading real time and proactive alerts risk intelligence platform, has been selected as a their global data orchestration solution to manage their merchant and third party relationships on an ongoing basis.

KYP and have also  entered into a strategic partnership to deliver Open Banking account providers with robust, real-time continuous risk monitoring of their partners and TPPs.

“The gateway is a dedicated interface for banks, FinTechs and other account providers, meeting their obligations under PSD2 with ease and at low cost. 

There are many suppliers in the market offering ‘single solutions’ on adverse media or PEPs/Sanctions but no one else currently takes the complete data set (DarkWeb, Adverse Media, Credit Scores, PEPs, Sanctions, Cyber Risk and Insolvency Checks) and delivers this in  an integrated actionable interface . 

By combining KYP’s Risk Intelligence Platform and’s gateway, we will be able to offer an even greater level of risk monitoring and assurity to our bank and fintech clients. The KYP solution is available to all gateway clients as a stand-alone bolt on or value added managed service” comments David Monty, Co-Founder at

“We are delighted to be partnering with and we look forward to working with the team moving forward. The KYP platform addresses the urgent market need for continuous monitoring and proactive alerts of Merchant, TPP’s & partners providing actionable risk intelligence.

KYP is not an onboarding and transaction monitoring solution, but a real time B2B on-going fraud, risk and reputational mitigation solution and we are excited to see how KYP will help protect’s growing client base globally” said Alan Nagle, CEO & Founder of KYP.

About Alan Nagle
Alan is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive experience in the financial services space globally. Ex-Google and CCO of Cybertonica, a transactional AI machine learning risk platform. MSc in Honours Business Risk Management.

About David Monty
Entrepreneur, advisor, and CEO with a successful track record in the fintech industry, David is responsible for a number of firsts in electronic and mobile payments, payment cards, and is actively involved in driving the industry forwards as an innovator and thought-leader. 

For interview requests or other press enquiries for KYP, please contact Jack Mulcahy, COO, ( Or to arrange an interview with Alan Nagle directly, please find a time in his calendar via his Calendly

For interview requests or other press enquiries for Tell Money, please contact Rob France, CCO, (  Or to arrange an interview with David Monty directly, please find a time in his calendar.

About KYP

KYP is an abbreviation for Know Your Partner, Know Your Provider.

Doing business nowadays means one has to be prepared and proactive. The way we see it, the problem is trust – do we know the partners and companies we work with?

KYP was founded in London in February 2021 by entrepreneur Alan Nagle with that goal in mind. At KYP, we understand a more accurate, up-to-date picture of the partners and businesses you have a professional relationship with is needed, so you can take action on risks and protect your business. 

KYP is a real-time 3rd party risk intelligence platform that provides continuous monitoring, insights and alerts to deliver a complete picture of the partners, suppliers and companies your business relies upon. We ensure that a business’s financial and reputational risk in an increasingly open and interconnected world is protected and managed.

How do we do this?  

We do this through continuous monitoring and alerts of third party companies by connecting to global trusted data sources with our unique Machine Learning and AI and delivered through a holistic analysis of:

  • DarkWeb
  • Adverse Media
  • Credit Scores
  • PEPs, Sanctions
  • Cyber Risk
  • Insolvency Checks 
  • Linking Graph Connectivity
  • IDV 
  • Behavioural biometrics

In a nutshell, KYP gives businesses confidence and peace of mind. We empower more profitable relationships by providing the information to make informed decisions on risk.

Benefits of the KYP platform;

  • Improves efficiencies by reducing manual processes
  • Delivers easier exception management tools & handling
  • Proactively monitors partners and TPPs globally
  • Reduces operational time by 90% significantly reducing costs
  • Empowers risk & fraud teams to make informed decisions 
  • Continuous business risk monitoring (no annual reviews required)
  • Seamless integration & onboarding

About is the market-leading open banking SaaS platform, enabling account providers to meet and keep to their regulatory obligations, whilst bringing exciting new open banking tools to their customers.

Since inception in 2019, we have been actively involved in fuelling financial development through our subscription-based tell.gateway product aimed at accelerating open banking adoption and helping fintechs, neobanks, and account providers to launch PSD2 compliant propositions to market faster. Our tell.heartbeat product supports banks and larger financial institutions in their efforts to test, monitor and improve the resilience of their open banking APIs.

And through our innovation lab and accelerator programme, continues to break new ground with tools enabling consumers and businesses to understand and manage their financial lives in simple and intuitive ways.

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