Fintech Unplugged with Susanne Chishti

The Fintech Unplugged podcast series are co-presented by two of the most respected and outspoken leaders in the payments industry, Robert Courtneidge and Suresh Vaghjiani, who go head to head to answer difficult and controversial question.
Craving Peking duck and pancakes, Robert and Suresh are out in Chinatown for some food when they ‘accidentally’ stumble into Susanne Chishti from FINTECH Circle. The new party head off to a nearby restaurant to discuss everything Fintech from:

– The origins of the term Fintech
– Where the next stage of Fintech innovation will take place?
– Why London has been so successful in ‘raising’ Fintech unicorns and start ups
– The rising talent gap
Unscripted and unrehearsed, Fintech Unplugged offers informative, entertaining and often opposing perspectives on various important topics.