Exploring Parallels Of Innovation In Disparately Different Industries

By FINTECH Circle Contributor Chris Denson
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I love exploring parallels of innovation in disparately different industries.  What’s happening in the arts that applies to the financial sector?  What is NASA doing that applies to the entertainment industry? What can sports organizations and education institutions learn from one another?  By exercising our innate curiosity, we can answer questions like these with excitement and wonder and an open mind. Therein lay numerous opportunities for collaboration, growth, and more convergence between technologies and cultures.  Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution, my friends.

This is what I’m personally looking forward to in 2018. Yes, there’s artificial intelligence and connected homes, and autonomous vehicles, and programmatic advertising and the like.  But at the core of all that is our universal quest as human beings for comfort, ease, efficiency, freedom.  The balance between what’s possible through technology and innovation while keeping our emotional intelligence in-tact is becoming more difficult to maintain.  We’re on this device for one experience, we’re on another one for a different experience.  We talk to Siri, then ignore her because Alexa’s in the corner getting jealous.  Our refrigerators are chatting with our vehicle and rerouting us to the unmanned grocery store.  Social media has been clinically proven to cause anxiety, depression, and even physiological problems – go ahead, check your posture right now.  The most connected society has ever been, and we have a whole updated slew of health and mindfulness problems.

As we converge, we simplify. We create more seamlessness in our businesses and our personal lives.  In my upcoming book, Crushing the Box:  10 Essential Rules for Breaking Essential Rules (yes, shameless plug, but bear with me), we explore how some of the best innovators in the world connect dots between cultures.  We explore how the rules are broken and then reassembled, and then broken again.  We explore the life-balance equation, and how self-awareness and awareness of others is fertile ground for the best innovation.  All told from within the walls of varying industries and cultures.

As for more tactical trends to look at, consider the “snowflake” generations and how brands will need to message them with both care and creativity.  Consider the rise and fall and rise again of cryptocurrencies and their effects on governments, and businesses, and underserved communities.  Consider the 3rd living space, the automobile, and it’s distant cousin, mobility.  Whether commuting locally as an individual or around the globe in droves, the experience of mobility is changing.  And finally, consider creating invisible technologies that serve us, rather than distract us in our quest to truly connect with other human beings.

Chris Denton, Director, Ignition Factory, Omnicom Media Group and Host, Innovation Crush www.thecrush.co

Chris will be the MC at Innovate Finance Global Summit, London, 19 – 20 March.