NFT Use Cases IV (Sector-based 2/2)

As a continuation of the previous article, we will explore how NFTs are being adopted by players in sectors such as entertainment, public services, sports and fashion.

NFT Use Cases IV (Sector-based 2/2)

As a continuation of the previous article, we will explore how NFTs are being adopted by players in sectors such as entertainment, public services, sports and fashion.

Date: 22 June 2023
Author: Gaya Chandrasekaran

As a continuation of the previous article, we will explore how NFTs are being adopted by players in sectors such as entertainment, public services, sports and fashion. The examples are a non-exhaustive list of key sector developments.


Key applications of NFTs within the entertainment space include ticketing for events, product promotion and brand or client engagement.

NFT Use Case

#1 Client or Brand engagement (Disney, Jan-22)

Released a set of digital art as NFTs in a series called “Mickey and Friends”, in partnership with digital collectibles platform VeVe. Each collectible’s list price is $40, and a 6% licensor fee will be applied to Disney sales in the secondary market in addition to the existing VeVe 2.5% secondary market fee.

#2 Client or Brand engagement (Snoop Dogg, Feb-22)

Singer Snoop Dogg made his new album, B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row), available via the blockchain. Additionally, his NFT LP version offered three exclusive bonus tracks.

#3 Ticketing for events (Verizon and Live Nation, Mar-22)

Announced an updated partnership to offer the mobile provider’s customers presale tickets to concerts and other events, along with access to livestreamed concerts and interactive features that leverage 5G technology.

#4 Client or Brand engagement (AMC Network, Mar-22)

AMC Network and Orange Comet unveiled the newest collection of “The Walking Dead” NFTs. The NFT “Walker Access Passes” will be included in the drop, which will grant fans one of ten special 3D Walker models designed by the Orange Comet team.

Orange Comet, AMC ‘The Walking Dead’ New NFT Drop | Hypebeast

#5 Client or Brand engagement (Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Apr-22)

Offered all paying participants an NFT digital image of a flower that bloomed on the two Fridays of the festival.

#6 Ticketing for events, (Lollapalooza, Apr-22)

Partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club to release NFT badges called POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol). These are tokens to provide attendance or participation in an event that, in addition to being a virtual memorabilia, allows access to certain communities and surprises.

#7 Fundraising for film production, (NFT Studios/KinoDAO, Jul-22)

NFT Studios and its film production subsidiary KinoDAO announced to launch an exclusive range of 500 ‘Kino Pass’ NFTs, which aims to democratize the film industry and allow fans to participate in film production.

NFT Studios Film Production Subsidiary KinoDAO Launch Kino Pass NFTs (

#8 Client or Brand engagement, (Netflix, Jul-22)

Netflix and Candy Digital are set to release the first NFTs based on the acclaimed series “Stranger Things”. NFTs will be sold via Mystery Box and are priced at $11 each.

Netflix And Candy Digital To Drop ‘Stranger Things’ NFTs On 14 July (


#9 Client or Brand engagement, (AMC Network, Jul-22)

Expanded exclusive collaboration with Orange Comet by launching NFTs and virtual environments to further elevate The Walking Dead series and AMC’s next big franchise, The Immortal Universe of Anne Rice.

Orange Comet and AMC Networks Expand Exclusive NFT Partnership to Further Elevate The Walking Dead Franchise and Bring The Immortal Universe of Anne Rice into the Metaverse (

#10 Client or Brand engagement, (Firefly Music Festival, Sept-22)

Collaborated with Autograph, the Web3 brand co-founded by Tom Brady, and AEG Presents to offer fans a variety of unique privileges such as a special entry lane and on-site festival experiences.

Firefly Music Festival Announces Partnership with Autograph and AEG Presents to Release First-Ever NFT Collection (

#11 Client engagement, (Globe / G Music Festival, Sept-22)

G Music Fest offered extraordinary experiences to festival-goers who could get to own 917 Limited Edition NFT. Globe and MetaverseGo partnered to create the Gudi NFT in celebration of 917 #ExtraGDay, Globe’s annual tradition of giving back to its customers through delightful rewards and surprises.

Limited Edition NFT at G Music Fest – Globe Newsroom

#12 Ticketing for events, (Hype Records / Spartan Labs, Oct-22)

Announced that it is rolling out an NFT project to add Web3 features to its upcoming electronic dance music festival, Hypeworld, through a collaboration with Web3 venture studio Spartan Labs.

SG festival taps Spartan Labs for NFT integration (

#13 Event or brand promotion, (Lucerne Festival, Oct-22)

Ahead of the Forward Festival, the Lucerne Festival issued an NFT collection of unique posters. The NFTs will honour the festival’s rich history by displaying four Lucerne Festival historical posters and its finest moments

Lucerne Festival Launches Its Debut NFT Collection (

#14 Brand promotion (Warner Bros. Discovery, Oct-22)

Released Lord of the Rings NFT, in collaboration with Eluvio, a pioneer in content blockchain, to bring footage of Middle Earth and the Shire to life through the Web3 Movie Experience. The NFT will be available in The Mystery Edition costing $30, and the Epic Edition costing $100.

Partnered with Funko to release a spooky horror Digital Pop! series NFT collection. There are 25,500 packs available for both Standard and Premium packs

Warner Bros. Discovery Is Releasing a ‘Lord of the Rings’ NFT | Vanity Fair
Funko Horror Collection in Collaboration with Warner Bros (

#15 Brand promotion, (Disney, Nov-22)

Launched Hocus Pocus 2 NFT collection in partnership with Veve consisting of 4 posters. The four collectibles are Ultra Rare editions that cost 40 Gems (1 Gem = 1 USD), with 1313 NFTs in each edition.

Hocus Pocus 2 Launches Digital Collectibles on Veve (

#16 Brand promotion, (Nickodeon Network, Nov-22)

Launched the S2 of its NFT collectible collection with RECUR, which includes some of the television network’s most famous characters from popular shows. There are 10,000 NFT TV packs for $50 each in the collection.

Nickelodeon S2 NFTs Drop Today! (

#17 (Personal) Brand promotion, (Sir Anthony Hopkins, Nov-22)

Partnered with Orange Comet to release his new NFT collection. The Eternal Collection has been inspired by the different iconic roles the actor has portrayed during his career. Only 1,000 NFTs will be available for sale.

Sir Anthony Hopkins Launches NFT Collection with Hollywood Studio Orange Comet! –

#18 (Avalanche, Jan-23)

Leading smart contracts platform Avalanche partnered with pioneering Web3 musician Ed Balloon to launch a Web3-focused concert series.

Avalanche Park x Ed Balloon Series Highlights NFT Musicians (

#19 (Personal) Brand Promotion, (AR Rahman, Jan-23)

Indian music legend AR Rahman announced the launch of his upcoming music-focused metaverse – Katraar. The music metaverse aims to change how people interact and engage with music and art.

AR Rahman Announces New Music NFT Metaverse KATRAAR (

#20 Brand promotion, (Mastercard, Jan-23)

Launched a Web3-based accelerator programme to help connect music artists with mentors and fans through things like NFTs and virtual world events.

#21 Brand promotion, (Shemaroo Entertainment, Feb-23)

Shemaroo Entertainment, an Indian content aggregator and distributor, launched – a Polygon-based NFT marketplace to enable users to buy, sell, and interact with IP backed entertainment NFTs, and access licensed images, videos, and 3D avatars.

#22 Ticketing for events, (Ticketmaster, Mar-23)

Partnered with heavy metal icons Avenged Sevenfold to introduce a new NFT ticketing feature, bringing token-gated tickets to a much wider audience.

Ticketmaster Launches NFT-Gated Ticket Sales With Avenged Sevenfold! (

#23 Client or brand engagement, (Aventus, Apr-23)

Partnered with the film rights holders for The Wolf of Wall Street and film producers and editors to create The Wolf of Wall Street Experience: a series of NFT drops which will also act as a key to unlock wider parts of the experience.

#24 Expanding business lines or offerings, (Steve Aoki and 3LAU, Apr-23)

Partnered with CryptoPunks IP to release their first single called “Concentrate” on April 28. The company will release the actual music and concept art, but the group will also sell 50% of the streaming rights to the song.

3LAU and Steve Aoki Release ‘Concentrate’ Single (

Public Services / Government

#25 Fundraising for ongoing war efforts, (Ukraine Government, Apr-22)

Ukraine government launched a new website to facilitate the purchase and sale of NFTs to raise funds for its ongoing war efforts. These NFTs can be bought on the OpenSea platform and paid for using only Ethereum (ETH) crypto.

Ukraine Government Launches NFT Website; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu Fall (

#26 Adopting new technology, (UK Government, Apr-22)

Announced plans to issue a NFT to demonstrate its commitment to a “forward-thinking approach” to cryptocurrency technology and investment. The announcement also includes the government’s vision for stablecoins and distributed ledger technology as part of its financial services plan for the UK.

However, in Mar-23 it was announced that the government is placing this project under review and cancelling its plans to release a government-backed NFT aimed at making the UK a global crypto hub.

#27 Digitising documents, (National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI), Romania, Jun-22)

Announced an ongoing project called National System for Issuers and Assets (NSIDA), which will set-up an institutional NFT marketplace, where citizens will be able to utilize existing NFT technologies to access, transfer, and store official documents.

#28 Ticketing for events, (France Government, Jun-22)

Michel Cadot, the French government’s inter-ministerial envoy for Olympic and other major sporting event preparations, advocated for the adoption of blockchain technology for tickets in major sporting events that the country would host in the future.

#29 Brand promotion, (City of Miami, Jul-22)

Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez announced plans to release 5,000 Ethereum NFTs later this year, in partnership with Time USA, Mastercard, and Salesforce. The NFTs are being designed by 56 different Miami artists “representing the city’s 56 square mile area”.

#30 Combat counterfeiting of real-world goods, (European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Sep-22)

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) indicated that the officials in the EU are considering the use of blockchain technology and NFTs to help combat the counterfeiting of real-world goods. The EUIPO intends to have the new system fully operational by the end of 2023.

#31 Brand promotion, (Japan Government, Sep-22)

Became one of the first to issue NFTs as a form of supplementary rewards to recognize the work of local authorities who have excelled at using digital technology to solve local challenges. The Ethereum based proof-of-attendance (POAP) NFTs were issued through Hazama Base.

#32 Ticketing for events, (Hong Kong Government, Nov-22)

Launched an NFT to serve as proof of attendance at the fintech week holding. These NFTs will not only be proof of attendance at the event but will also act as memorabilia of sorts for their holders.

Hong Kong Launches NFTs for Fintech Event – NFT Plazas.

#33 Brand promotion – Digital Medals, (Tamil Nadu Government (India), Dec-22)

The Tamil Nadu government announced the issuing of the Soulbound Token, the world’s first Token of Appreciation, to outstanding members of its team.

#34 Brand promotion, (China Government, Dec-22)

Launched its first state backed NFT marketplace, according to a recent report from China’s national media outlet.

#35 Adoption of technology, Brand promotion, (Romania Government, Apr-23)

The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI) announced plans to launch an NFT trading platform on MultiversX, named ICI Decengtralized Services, which will feature prominent Romanian Sports teams, atheletes, and libraries.



#36 Fan engagement, (NBA, May-20)

Launched NBA Top Shot, a series of NFT blockchain collectibles, where fans can collect and display their favourite game “moments”, in partnership with Dapper Labs, the developer of CryptoKitties. It will also include a P2P marketplace for trading the tokens.

#37 Ticketing for event and fan engagement, (Vasco da Gama, Jan-22)

Brazilian soccer club Vasco da Gama partnered with Block4, a Brazilian company specializing in the creation of NFT collectibles, to issue NFT Collectible tickets for the team’s fans to invest in virtual tickets and access distinctive rewards.

#38 Ticketing for event, fan engagement or brand promotion,
(NFL, Feb-22 Nov-22)

National Football League (NFL) offered tickets from its biggest annual event, the Super Bowl, in the form of collectible NFTs. To commemorate the Super Bowl LVI, NFL gave a customized NFT Super Bowl ticket to every fan who attended.

Rarity League launched an officially licensed NFT collection priced at 0.14 ETH. Rarity League consists of unique generative art 3D helmet NFTs for all the 30 NFL teams.

Rarity League Releases New NFL Licensed Helmet NFTs | Hypebeast

#38 Expansion of business lines or offerings and brand promotion,
(Nike, Apr-22 Nov-22 Mar-23)

Nike’s new NFT sneakers collection, known as CryptoKicks, was being auctioned off as NFTs on online marketplace OpenSea, at a price between $4,000 and $9,500 in cryptocurrency.

Launched NFT and Metaverse platform “Swoosh” that will serve as the home for all of the brand’s virtual products as well as the platform for collecting Nike’s digital items for online gaming and immersive experiences.

Set to deliver a physical version of the Air Force 1 NFT sneakers in collaboration with RTFKT.

Nike Launches NFT and Metaverse platform .Swoosh | Hypebeast
Nike and RTFKT Debut IRL Air Force 1 Sneakers – NFT Plazas

#39 Expansion of business lines or offerings and brand promotion,
(Adidas, Nov-22 Apr-23)

Introduced its new Web3 initiative with the launch of its first interoperable product, Virtual Gear, released as NFTs to the wallets of the brand’s existing Phase 2 Capsule NFT holders.

Launched “ALTS by adidas”, the final phase of its ‘Into The Metaverse’ (ITM) NFT initiative. The launch showcases the project’s promise to enhance holder benefits, including a dynamic user identification that changes over time.

Adidas web3 launches virtual gear NFT Collection | Hypebeast
Adidas Continues its Metaverse Initiative – NFT Plazas

#40 Fan engagement and brand promotion,(FIFA, Sep-22 Oct-22 Apr-23)

Announced to launch its own football NFT platform called FIFA+, in partnership with the blockchain firm, Algorand. The platform will offer digital collectibles of moments from the World Cup and Women’s World Cup tournaments through
out history.Budweiser’s Budverse partnered with FIFA for an exclusive World Cup NFT collection for $100. Collectors with a legal drinking age can mint the sports collectibles on the official platform.

Unveiled the beta version of ‘World Cup AI League’ mobile strategy game, developed by Altered State Machine, which is available on Android and will soon launch on iOS.

FIFA To Launch Their Own NFT Football Platform (

#41 Fan engagement and brand promotion,(AC Milan, Oct-22)

Partnered with MonkeyLeague to launch a new collection of NFTs built on the Solana blockchain, which comes in the form of wearables and gives holders access to in-game tournaments.

Business of Esports – AC Milan Launching NFT Collection (

#42 Brand promotion,(OKX, Nov-22)

OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced to launch ‘The OKX Football Festival’, which includes a unique NFT Football Cup game, with an overall prize pool of $3m.

OKX Launches NFT Football Cup With $3 Million Prize Pool (

#43 Ticketing for events and fan engagement,(Tennis Australia, Nov-22)

Partnered with Web3 studio Run it Wild to develop ArtBall NFT for the Australlian Open, which offers free Seven Day Ground Passes for week two of the Australian Open 2023 to the fans who hold the ArtBall 2022 NFT.

Australian Open Launches NFTs With Free Finals Week Tickets (



#44 Fan engagement,(Decentraland, Mar-21)

The virtual platform Decentraland held its first fashion show, creating a completely virtual and immersive Fashion Week, and generating fan engagement. The event also sold NFTs of clothing and accessories from the brands present in the shows.

#45 Expanding business lines or offerings, brand promotion,
(Gucci, Aug-22 Apr-23)

Gucci’s online platform Vault launched the first online exhibition and auction of NFT artworks, which has been created in partnership with marketplace SuperRare.

Collaborated with luxury fashion house, Gucci, to unveil “Otherside: Relics by Gucci” collection featuring 3,333 KodaPendants attached to silver necklaces that come in physical form and are linked to NFTs.

Yuga Labs’ Otherside Drops First Gucci Relic – NFT Plazas

#46 Expanding business lines or offerings, (AMBUSH, Aug-22)

Collaborated with Avalanche blockchain’s Culture Catalyst program to produce a limited-run necklace titled “A3” in the form of a wearable NFT, based on its popular lighter case pendant.

AMBUSH Reveals Limited Edition NFT With Avalanche | Hypebeast

#47 Expanding business lines or offerings, brand promotion (NUBIKK, Aug-22)

Entered the digital art market with the launch of the NFT “time capsule” sculpture and a special two-part NFT and Fall/Winter 2022 footwear release, with each limited-edition FW22 model reinterpreted in an extra-terrestrial inspired NFT.

NUBIKK Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Footwear NFT | Hypebeast

#48 Ticketing for events, brand promotion, (Afterpay, Sep-22)

Created NFT Keys to the New York Fashion Week Show by partnering with five notable trailblazers in the design community.

Afterpay Keys to NYFW NFTs Designed by Top Designers | Hypebeast

#49 Client or brand engagement, (Prada, Oct-22)

Launched its latest Timecapsule NFT collection that provides the holders a chance to attend the upcoming “Prada Extends” celebration in Miami.

Prada Unveils Timecapsule NFT Drop #34 Chance To Visit Prada Extends | Hypebeast

#50 Ticketing for events, brand promotion, (EYEFUNNY, Oct-22)

Tokyo-based jewelry label EYEFUNNY planned to enter Web3 through a limited edition NFT offering, designed by the brand’s founder Jury Kawamura, which will also grant holders priority access to events and future projects by the label.

Jewelry Designer Jury Kawamura Brings His EYEFUNNY Brand Into Web3 | Hypebeast

#51 Brand promotion, (Umbro, Oct-22)

Launched an NFT collection called ‘The Nations’ Collection, in partnership with consumer and fan interaction technology startup Equitbl. The NFTs will be available directly through Equitbl’s new Web3 marketplace Dnizn.

Umbro Launches ”Ownable Digital Collectibles” or NFTs (

#52 Brand promotion, (LVMH’s Rimowa, Oct-22 Feb-23)

Partnered with Nike’s RTFKT to feature 888 – a symbol for financial prosperity and good luck – NFTs backed by limited edition physical luggage.
Partnered with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to release a 10,000-NFT project in celebration of its 200th anniversary.

Rimowa Luggage Enters the Metaverse With Nike RTFKT NFT Suitcases | Hypebeast

Louis Vuitton Strikes NFT Collab with Yayoi Kusama – NFT Plazas

#53 Expansion of business lines or offerings and brand promotion, (Dolce & Gabbana, Dec-22)

Inbetweeners, a popular NFT project announced a new collection in collaboration with iconic fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. The inBetweeners x Dolce & Gabbana collection will consist of 2,000 digital assets that have the theme of luxury fashion and art.

InBetweeners NFT Partners With Dolce & Gabbana – NFT Plazas

#54 Brand promotion, (Diesel, Dec-22)

Announced a new partnership with HAPE NFT to launch a co-creative project that offers NFTs with both physical and digital benefits.

Diesel Partnters with HAPE for Unique NFT Drop – NFT Plazas

#55 Expansion of business lines or offerings and brand promotion, (L’Dezen, Jan-23)

Announced its new collection of NFT fashion accessories. The NFTs are based on the brand’s popular “Blooming of Ages” ring.

L’Dezen Shines With NFT Fashion Accessories – NFT Plazas

#56 Expansion of business lines or offerings and brand promotion,
(Prada, Feb-23)

Launched the Spirit of the 70’s with Latest Time Capsule Drop, which will be the second of a three-part series featuring print shared from the 1970s archive of Italian photographer Enzao Ragazzini.

Prada Announces Latest Time Capsule Drop – NFT Plazas

#57 Brand promotion,
(Balmain, Mar-23)

Balmain, French luxury fashion house, launched a limited-edition series of NFT sneakers inspired by the brand’s popular Unicorn footwear line.

Balmain Unveils Exclusive Unicorn NFT Sneakers – NFT Plazas

#58 Expansion of business lines or offerings and brand promotion,
(Hugo Boss, Apr-23)

Started adding NFC tags to a range of baseball caps, allowing buyers to create NFT digital twins and dress their Metaverse avatars.

Hugo Boss Launches NFC Baseball Caps – NFT Plazas

About the Author

 Gaya Chandrasekaran

Gaya works in the Global Digital Solutions Group (DSG) within Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (SCIB), which focusses on developing innovative, sustainable and profitable digital capabilities and providing state of the art advisory services to clients. 

She joined Santander in 2014 gaining broad experience across Corporates & FIG in SCIB and has also worked on several strategic initiatives including regulatory deliverables. Her work involved deal structuring, due diligence and portfolio management. During this period, she has won awards and nominations to Accelerating You Programme for Future Leaders and Global Risk Leadership Programme.

Gaya recently completed the Fintech Programme from Oxford University. She holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School (Recipient of Graduating Student Award) and an MBA (Gold Medallist) from India.

She has contributed actively to alumni engagement at LBS since graduation through several leadership positions, most recently as an ExCo Member of London Alumni Club where she led events on identifying fintech winners, cyber risk, sustainability & factor investing involving C-suite speakers, industry experts and faculty. 

Gaya is a Mentor and the Head of Personal Excellence Programme (PEP) for London with Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF). She is passionate about supporting women in their ambitions and enjoys organizing knowledge-sharing networking events.

Outside her day job, Gaya is a self-taught artist and has been influenced by art right from her early childhood. She loves learning new techniques and underwent training in India as well as in the UK (Slade School of Art). Her choice of themes are inspired by key life moments. An expression of her thoughts and emotions, her artworks invite the audience to go deep within, explore and connect with their own experiences. 

Gaya offers NFTs in lieu of a Certificate of Authenticity to all her collectors – its her mission to facilitate digitisation to her audience. Based on feedback from a renowned NFT Collector she is now exploring software tools to mint NFTs of pure digital artworks. 

Gaya’s first solo exhibition was in 2018 at Santander’s London office, a fundraiser where she sold >70% of artworks donating 50% of proceeds to charity. Her painting, ‘The Golden Lion’ won a special commendation in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s #sketchforsimba competition in 2019. 

She conceptualised the first ever Art Exhibition within the LBS community, which led to LBS Art Week in 2021 where her paintings were selected for the online exhibition and she was a chosen speaker of the Artists Panel. She exhibited her artworks with The Holy Art Gallery and The Boomer Gallery in London during 2022. Her artworks are published in the Artist Talk Magazine Issue 22 & 23. 

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