Fintech VIP Spring Drinks 2024

The event fostered collaboration and provided valuable insights, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of optimism and strategic direction for the future.

Fintech VIP Spring Drinks 2024

Watch the video below to see highlights of our “Spring Drinks” community event held on the 15th of May.  Checkout the photo gallery & discover valuable insights into the direction of the Fintech industry…

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Date: 17 May 2024
Author: FINTECH Circle

On May 15th, 2024, FINTECH Circle and Deloitte hosted an exciting networking event “Spring Drinks.” This event brought together members of the FINTECH Circle community, investors, and leaders from the fintech world.

The evening was filled with interesting talks, insightful presentations, and great opportunities to make meaningful connections in the industry.

Key Highlights from the Evening:

Matthew Clarke, Deloitte: A Positive Outlook on International Expansion

Matthew Clarke from Deloitte shared an optimistic view of the fintech industry. He acknowledged that while the market environment is more challenging now, the drive for international growth is still strong.

Clarke noted that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have slowed down compared to previous years, but many businesses are still eager to expand, especially into the EU and US markets. He emphasised that focusing on key elements that attract lenders and investors is crucial, even with tighter funding.

“I feel a lot more positive about fintech in the UK. We’ve got lots of reasons to be really encouraged… There’s still plenty of opportunity to raise funding and focus on areas like international expansion,” Clarke said.

Laura Wathen, Funding Xchange: Revolutionising SME Funding

Laura Wathen, CFO of Funding Xchange, shared how her company is changing the funding landscape for small businesses. Initially, Funding Xchange aimed to build a marketplace for instant funding access.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they shifted to offering SaaS services to banks and lenders. This change was driven by the need for quicker and more efficient decision-making through better data use.

“Our mission was vital, but building a marketplace wasn’t the way to solve that problem. We pivoted into delivering SaaS services into banks and lenders,” Wathen explained, showcasing their innovative approach to funding challenges.

Gautam Pillai: Navigating the Evolving Fintech Sector

Equity research analyst Gautam Pillai gave a detailed overview of the fintech sector’s performance over the past decade. He discussed the changes in the interest rate environment over the last 18 months and how it has affected companies, especially neobanks like Zopa and Starling.

Despite these challenges, Pillai remains positive about the sector’s long-term future. He emphasised need of sustainable business models & effective strategies.

“We continue to be bullish on the sector… As business models adapt to the new normal and execute strategies effectively, we believe it should drive both reacceleration and sustainable opportunities,” Pillai noted.

A Night of Connection and Optimism

The “Spring Drinks” event not only offered valuable insights but also created an atmosphere of collaboration and networking among fintech professionals.

Attendees left with a renewed sense of optimism and a clearer understanding of the strategic directions needed to navigate the evolving financial landscape.

Looking ahead, the connections and knowledge gained from “Spring Drinks” will play a crucial role in shaping the next wave of innovation and growth within the fintech community.

Tips for Fintech Companies Raising Capital:

Recognising the importance of capital in the fintech space, the panelists offered invaluable tips for companies seeking to raise funds. Their collective wisdom, gained through years of experience, provided attendees with a competitive edge. 

The event served as a platform for fintech entrepreneurs to gather inspiration and guidance, empowering them to navigate the complex world of fundraising successfully.

Vibrant Networking Session:

Following the interesting panel discussion, attendees embraced the opportunity to connect with fellow members, investors, and distinguished guests. The networking session, fueled by the spring drinks and the shared passion for innovation, provided an ideal environment for collaboration and growth.

Missed the Event? Don’t Worry!

For those who were unable to attend the event, we’ve got you covered! You can now immerse yourself in the full gallery of the evening, capturing the spirit and excitement that filled the venue. 

While nothing can quite replicate the firsthand experience, the gallery offers a glimpse into the engaging discussions, the electric atmosphere, and the connections forged during this remarkable event. Make sure to check it out and relive the magic of the FINTECH Circle’s “Spring Drinks.”

Stay tuned for future FINTECH Circle events and continue learning and growing in the exciting fintech industry!

View the Full Gallery of the event below:

Thanks to all who attended.  “YOU” are the FINTECH Circle!  …and we are honoured to have you a Members and inside our Fintech Eco system.

So until the next time….

Warm regards

Susanne & Glenn

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