Financial Inclusion and Digital Paperless Future

Financial Inclusion and Digital Paperless Future
By Abdul Kareem Alawiye

What is financial inclusion in a society or a world were in the last thirty years the birth of the or internet has seemingly changed the way we live or our everyday life. We seem to forget that in the UK most people don’t like change, that word change.

A couple of years back while I was a student in Maryland, United States I was able to open a bank account that had other features such as I could slot in a cheque in a cash machine and clear the funds.

Can Britain be that champion of financial inclusion were no one would be left behind? Imagine using the oyster card to earn points that could be used in the future to buy items or pay bill’s, rent, or put it back in a digital pension fund, how does that sound? Nonsense or ridiculous well let’s say it might happen hopefully very soon.

That’s just the beginning let’s not forget the great introduction of the Bit Coin, have we all forgotten? We can link the oyster card to rent an e-bike, or pay the congestion charge, or use a low emission car my reward is to earn point for been a good person.

These innovative ideas can stop oppression, poverty, debt, and improve people’s lives, mental wellbeing, bring about social financial inclusion for the deaf, the blind, the disable, the elderly. We need to go paperless and help save money and clean the environment and live a better life by introducing simple financial digital payment that can help solve waste.  Let’s go paperless, lets include everyone in the digital financial era.

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