Ecosystem Evolution

Ecosystem Evolution
By Anastasios Avranas

With the use of current technology we can move to decentralised models, powered by digital assets with the use of blockchain tech and security, something that will provide cost efficiencies, transparency and speed of execution as opposed to current models that are supposed by legacy organisations as form of revenue generation.

In principle these payment systems will release resources for greater innovation. Financial institutions need it, and thank god from what I’ve seen in my discussions with them, and reactions even they cannot yet fully understand it, they are happy to adapt and pilot such innovation. Users want it too, as with a quick assessment it reduces processing time (execution) from days to minutes, and at the same time brings down costs by 70% if not more.

This is how I see the future, as an open network accusing the payment services with the use of API’s. The technology is there, the key for such processing and settlement operations is to have a strong user base (which there is) and the financial industry will follow. In principle, that would be a hybrid model at the beginning and fully digital in the years to come.

Cryptos will not be related to the operation, but instead digital assets for the exchange that will relate to on the ground operations and therefore have a substantial value. Data (quality) is something to be considered as an exchange means in the years to come despite the GDPR mandate.