Month: November 2019


Legaltech versus GDPR and AML

Various legislative changes affect the legal industry. Legaltechs increasingly find solutions to AML and GDPR issues, creating an industry ripe for change.

What are your thoughts on the future of fintech?

Share you views on fintech trends in 2020 in our survey and help us predict how the industry will grow and evolve, what trends will influence that change, and what areas will see the most interest and growth.


What about the regulatory strategy for fintech regulators?

Fintech is challenging the way traditional financial regulation is conceived. Disruption is having an impact not only on the structure and functioning of the financial system, but on the role that regulators and financial supervisors must play.

Global Fintech

Fintech without borders, cloud services in China

For highly regulated industries like fintech, cloud companies can be helpful local partners to support and guide foreign companies through the regulatory and technical challenges of expanding into new territories.