Month: October 2019

china fintech mobile

Fintech distribution in mobile first China

The mass adoption of mobile payments both online and in-store has paved the way for a tech savvy population that is leap frogging the banking system to access financial services. Like with some popular challengers in the UK, mobile first is becoming mobile only.  

fintech database

Building a tick by tick database

Most academic databases capture information at lower frequencies such as daily, or weekly. However, because this database would support a High Frequency Trading class, tick-by-tick data was necessary.


Customer focus at the heart of fintech product design

The high volume of direct contact that customer services has puts them in a unique position to understand what customers want and how new products are working. A culture of innovation should be embraced by the whole organisation if this feedback can be actioned in a timely manner.

digital transformation

Digitally transforming the banking skills gap

“Always be shipping” is the big tech mantra. As the cycle of innovation, funding and scale never stops an organisational shift in culture is needed to be continuously transforming.