Month: June 2019


Building your own fintech ecosystem

After years of developing our fintech ecosystem, FINTECH Circle is now helping organizations to strengthen their own. Your ecosystem network is only as effective as your knowledge of the main players within your market. In order to maximise the key components of your company, such as R&D, talent acquisition and sales and marketing, and position …

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Beyond the Technology

In a world where everyone is talking about the limitless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and potential opportunity this can bring to people’s lives, are we creating a language that the very few can understand or even access? Louise Smith on what is beyond the technology.

Survey: Enterprise Innovation

FINTECH Circle is conducting an industry research to assess the current situation of enterprise fintech innovation and we want to hear from you!

Does a future without technology exist?

The world is such a beautiful place: you have artificial intelligence and undiscovered Amazon tribes living in the same time on the same planet. Laura Manescu asks does a future without technology exist?

Machine Readable Regulation

One of the more substantial barriers to financial innovation is regulation. Kyle Hauptfleisch discusses how AI coupled with machine readable regulation could overcome this barrier.

Data, AI and Lending in South-East Asia

With the rise of digital banking and new financial players such Grab Finance, Ovo, Go-Pay, Ant Finance, WeBank entering the South-East Asian market, traditional lenders now need to invest heavily into technology to play catch-up to their internet-era counterparts. Karl Li talks data, AI and lending in South-East Asia

Future HopeTech

Hamad Alzeera’s short story about a family, Adam and Eve, having their first baby born Hope, born in 2030, who will later grow to become a future global FinTech influencer.