Month: May 2019

AI in Credit Risk Management Part 1

Panos Skliamis gives his opinion on the debate initiated by the US Treasury Department on a radical overhaul of financial technology regulations, so as for innovative fintech solutions to be facilitated.

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum machine learning is an emerging interdisciplinary research area at the intersection of quantum physics and machine learning. Bhagvan Kommadi talks about what quantum machine learning can do for technology.

Ethics, Transparency and Trust (ET&T)

The world has paid a heavy price for trust, transparency, controls and accountability, in terms of transactional costs and subsequently leading to the pricing of products and services. In isolation every incumbent in Financial Services space has maintained, paid and will continue to pay for it to be legitimate, transparent and trustworthy. Anshul Srivastav discusses ethics, transparency and trust in the world of AI.

New Zealand Fintech Landscape Overview

New Zealand has long been a test bed for companies to test out new ideas on a sample population before releasing them worldwide; partially because it is remote enough that any bugs are unlikely to reach mainstream US press. Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook have recently piloted new features to name but a few. Henry Midgley gives us an overview of the New Zealand fintech landscape.

Fintech Cos vs Banks : Fin-tech Space

Financial technology companies are offering salary-linked products. Salary linked products are related to salary processing, loan payments and transfers. The analytics related to how long anindividual has been with their employer is used by the employer for performance metrics.

An afternoon at Manchester Eagle Lab

With an increasing number of Fintech companies based in Manchester a much needed central hub for this growing ecosystem has been widely welcomed by the region’s business and tech community

The Age of Digital Beings

We are entering a new age of technology. Julian Harris discusses the new age of digital beings and what this means for our future.

Reinventing Mutual Investing with AI

Asset Management today is built upon the infrastructure of ‘pooling’. The simple presumption of cramming masses into a single model, each trying to derive an individual future from it. JB Beckett discusses reinventing mutual investing with AI.