Month: March 2019

The Country Coin – the Unbanked Solution

Even after having witnessed the participation of various well-known brands into the blockchain and crypto technology, some still decide to continue living in a 1984 where ignorance is bliss. Werner Hochleitner asks is the Country Coin the solution for the Unbanked?

Identity Tokens for Payments and Beyond

We are suffering an identity crisis. I do not mean questions of “Who am I?” or “What do I stand for?” No – we are suffering from increasing demands to confirm our identity for every financial interaction. Victor Newson talks about the concept of identity tokens.

Moving to the Financial Cloud

Recent regulatory requirements for cloud computing and outsourcing, published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the national regulators apply/will apply to payment service providers. Udo Steger discusses moving to the financial cloud.

The Blueprint for Paytech Systems

The real success of the widely labelled fintech sector has been that the customer is at the centre of the solution. Incumbents have always looked at the technology first to see how it can service the end user rather than the other way round. Suresh Vaghjiani discusses the blueprint for paytech systems.

The Power of Ecosystems in Payments

Payments might be the most innovative, the most valuable hence the most popular vertical within the fintech landscape because of its diverse payment instruments, technologies and activities at different stages of the payment process. Professor Selim Yazici discusses the power of ecosystems in payments

Financial Exclusion Reasons and Solutions

Financial Exclusion is unawareness of financial of products / services. Unawareness can be under banking or unbanking. Rafi Ullah discusses the reasons why and what the solution could be.

Virtual Assets and Financial Crime Regulation

Virtual assets (aka virtual currencies, crypto currencies, crypto assets) are seen as bringing innovation to the payments-services sector. Jennifer Hanley-Giersch discusses Financial Crime regulation in this sector.