The FINTECH Book Series adds The WealthTECH and InsurTECH Books

When we launched The FINTECH Book in 2016 – the first globally crowd-sourced book in finance, published by WILEY – we wanted to give a voice to the fintech entrepreneurs, investors, and fintech visionaries globally who were reinventing finance. My Co-Editor Janos Barberis and I “crowd-sourced” the most visionary fintech experts who wrote chapters for the book. One of my favourite chapters was written by Francisco Mere Palafox, the CEO of Bankaool explaining how fintech can help the “unbanked” in Latin America starting with the moving story of 38-year-old Mexican Juan:

“It is so far away and I waste so much time and money to cash my paycheck. Once I arrive at a bank branch, a disgruntled guard asks me what I need. He is a bit hesitant to let me in because of my looks. I wait in line for 80 minutes to cash my check. I want to be invisible. I am never comfortable in a bank. As I leave, I tuck the money in my clothes to hide it away from robbers in the bus. Because of the rain, it takes me forever to get back home. When I arrive I light up a small fire to get warm and spread the bills to dry. I finally breathe, this time, I was able to make it safely home.” (Source: The FINTECH Book, page 69)

Those personal stories which really explain how fintech changes lives are combined with chapters focused on new business models, open banking, latest technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning and blockchain innovation and best practises on how to apply fintech and enterprise innovation methodologies to established financial institutions.

Since 2016 The FINTECH Book has become a global Bestseller across 107 countries, translated into 5 languages. Now we are excited to launch 2 new books, The WealthTECH Book and The InsurTECH Book which have both reached the 2nd place on the Amazon Bestseller rankings!

Digitization across the entire investment and wealth management value chain is not going away, impacting how $70 trillion of assets are being managed globally.

Equally, the Insurance Digital Revolution touches new business models, value chain, customer engagement strategies and the latest technologies that can be adopted to transform the global insurance industry.

I would like to thank my fantastic co-Editors for joining FINTECH Circle on this journey to make fintech education and knowledge accessible for all as part of The FINTECH Book Series. Both books are published by Wiley and can be purchased online and in the leading book stores globally:

When we started the application process for both books, almost 500 people from all over the world submitted their proposals for articles. We then went through a detailed review process and the best were chosen and invited to write complete chapters for our books. A big thank you to all our global authors for sharing their excellent insights & expertise, you can find them all listed on our websites:

The WealthTECH Book Website listing all Co-Authors

The InsurTECH Book Website listing all Co-Authors

Printing of several thousand copies below for our 1st Print run:


A week later, the books arrived in the Warehouse and we could see them for the first time thanks to the photos from our Warehouse team:



I also wanted to thank Gemma Valler, our excellent Finance Editor and the Marketing & PR Team at WILEY for their fantastic support.

I am very grateful to our global Fintech, InsurTech and WealthTech community and all our readers. We hope you will enjoy these 2 new books! You can follow both on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram where we also share the latest #fintech, #wealthtech and #insurtech trends and industry news.

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Best wishes,

Susanne Chishti

CEO, FINTECH Circle & FINTECH Circle Institute

Co-Founder, The FINTECH Book Series