Day One – Money 2020, Copenhagen

Jack Dorsey started the event speaking to one of the biggest FinTech conference gatherings I’ve seen yet.  His first words were, ‘Wow, big con!’.

Talking about his experience rolling out Square into Europe and his vision of how the act of payment can almost disappear, he ended on the importance of ‘doing’ over ‘thinking’.

The visual styling of the event is worth a mention. With back drops, signage and agenda done in a 1950’s superhero comic theme, Money 2020 managed to pull off an element of fun. No small thing in the world of finance and technology.

With 6 stages in total to choose from subjects included ‘The Pulse of Fintech’, ‘Red Hot, Insurtech In the Limelight and Banking As A Service: Enhancing Value.  After Lunch I decided to spend my last few hours of the day immersing myself in the world of payments.  Especially memorable was a ‘Disruptive Payments Infrastructures’ panel that included Daniel Marovitz from Earthport and Yobie Benjamin the CTO of

My overall sense of the first day made me think back a couple of years when the conversation often centered around whether FinTech was going to become mainstream.  This has now happened and the conversation is changing once again.

Tomorrow guest speakers from Google and Amazon will be found on the Keynote stage with expert panels running simultaneously on the 5 Tracking Room stages. Ideas will be progressed along as thousands of attendees engage.  I cant help but think that in among the crowds of Money 2020 this year another piece of FinTech history will be made.

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