London’s best-kept secret to generate massive insights about the future of finance, asset management, insurance and FinTech innovation for financial services professionals.

We have a proven track record for helping individuals and companies grow through strategic matchmaking, FinTech education and events.

Innovation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity

How financial institutions can form strategic partnerships with startups

Startup Mindset
Learn from global FinTech founders, how they succeed and best practises to be implemented in large financial services firms

Digital Disruption
Experience the FinTech Revolution yourself in London, the global FinTech hub

This is why we created FINTECH Tours.

What to expect

The FINTECH Tour is a two-day intensive experience in the City of London—the FinTech capital of the world—where we personally chauffeur you and a handful of others on a meet and greet with the very best FinTech accelerators, incubators, investors and entrepreneurs that we’ve worked hard to find and build strong relationships with over the years.

This will not only save you months of time and energy, but it will open up doors that would otherwise be closed through our private network and brand.

On a FINTECH Tour we not only give you access to our hand-picked network of premier connections, but we also vouch for you and your business by making introductions and recommendations in person.

A FINTECH Tour is one of the most powerful ways to meet those Innovators creating the next wave of financial products and services

Network with leading Fintech entrepreneurs, financial services professionals, accelerators and investors globally

Explore new business & revenue models and apply them to your business to improve your competitive edge

Learn from fintech thought leaders across WealthTech, InsurTech, RegTech, Blockchain, Crypto Finance and Enterprise Innovation

Maximise your business success by making the right connections with like-minded people, organisations and investors. Nurture your innovation culture.

Anyone who wants to expand a FinTech business in Europe, needs to attend the 2 day London FinTech Tours.

What you will gain in knowledge, resources and connections for your FinTech business will not be matched anywhere. London is truly the FinTech Hub of the world.

Lawrence Schmid,
CMO, Nudipay

Sample FINTECH Tours Agenda

We customize FINTECH Tours for our clients, please contact us to tell us your requirements on info@fintechcircle.com

Global Fintech Disruption

Innovation at Work

FinTech Accelerator Tours in London

Fintech Showcases

Marketing your FinTech products

Business Development – Strategic Partners in UK

Legal Clinic, Regulation & Compliance

Pitch Training and Investor Pitching Opportunity

Enterprise Innovation & Cultural Change

FINTECH Circle shared corporate innovation models, specific FinTech solutions and strategic collaboration options during a highly effective FINTECH immersion for our top management. We found the focus on cutting edge FinTech innovation very insightful.

Matthias Mueller,
Head of Innovation, the SIX Group

Why attend a FINTECH Tour designed and hosted by FINTECH Circle?


Leading FinTech ecosystem of 120,000 investors, entrepreneurs, financial services and technology companies and FinTech influencers globally.


Europe's 1st Angel Network investing in the most cutting-edge FinTech innovators across FinTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, RegTech, blockchain and AI.


The FINTECH Circle Institute is a pioneer in fintech education combined with our FINTECH Book Series published by Wiley.


Our CEO & Founder Susanne Chishti has been recognized as one of the most influential people in digital finance globally by Inc Magazine, Onalytica and Power50

Our brand is built on the back of our strong network and relationships that we've worked hard to cultivate over the years. The following sponsors add great value to the FINTECH Tour.

The Just Loans Group helps support tech savvy entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the incumbent financial systems making a difference to the way the industry operates.

London & Partners are the experts on doing business in the capital, helping overseas businesses to set up and grow. Their team can advise you on every aspect of locating and doing business in London, free of charge.

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