WealthTech Future is About Providing a Delightful Financial Experience

By FINTECH Books Contributor,  Alex Kreger

Every WealthTECH digital service will need a User Experience (UX) strategy

It’s not enough to create usable interfaces anymore, you need to understand what kind of experience you want to ensure at every touch point of digital interaction with your users. Every member of your team has to perform this strategy and provide user-centric approaches to promote an excellent user experience.

Financial psychology will be in demand

Nowadays, a lot of WealthTECHs already believe in the power of user testing but their UX specialists must learn human psychology in order to conduct the proper research, ask the right questions and make the correct interpretation of collected data.

WealthTECH will be challenged from alternative UIs

We have recently witnessed the appearance of a lot of alternative user interaction platforms, such as Chatbots, voice processing and VR technology and  we expect them to grow rapidly.

WealthTECH will fit to millennials

Millennials are poised to become the most powerful consumer group. They are tech-savvy and independent. They are not brand loyal; experience is the only thing that matters to them.

WealthTECH will become more personalised

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics will ensure the ability to craft a pleasant user experience by matching user needs on a deeper level. AI virtual assistance using Internet of Things sensors will predict user intentions even when offline.

WealthTECH users will expect completely digital UX

Customers expect to be able to do everything online having a complete digital experience in opening their accounts, making transactions and enrolling in new services.

They need the best possible self-service experience ensured by biometric authentication, online forms, step-by-step guides, AI based advisory and robo-solutions.

Digital UX will be simplified through micro-interactions

Design is getting more functional, it’s about the science of meeting customer needs in a digital space: simple elements and lines, clear icons, small copy and frictionless flow through rich micro-interactions.

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