Insurtech: Crossing Regulatory Lines and Delivering Value for Customers

By FINTECH Books Contributor, Daniel Morgan

It is possible to see how similar concepts are being applied and how unique market or regulatory issues are being worked around by startups to deliver value for customers.

Insurtech will centralise the Insurance market globally and drive simpler propositions for customers. Hot topics will include but are not limited to: Silicon Valley Silicon Roundabout examples like Lemonade and Trov at the forefront of western economies.

Chinese examples like Zhong An have now made a huge entrance in to the
market and written more than 4 billion policies in 4 years.

From South East Asia to South America – Emerging Markets are ripe for
disruption and have lower barriers to entry than established markets. Several
players are already making an impact on this scene, however regulators are
struggling to play catch up.

Shifting the balance of trust – Fintechs have already developed a new
trust market which has moved the balance of power away from large corporations, now Insurtech startups now riding the wave of AI and Machine Learning to break down the Agent  Broker market stronghold.

Customers needs are key to winning the InsurTech battle: Large
corporates and disparate broker and agent frameworks have ruled Insurance since the 1600s, now Insurtech Startups can leverage technology to focus on
customers first without legacy concerns.

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