How AI will cause robo-advice to completely outperform human advice

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By FINTECH Books Contributor, Michal Rozanski
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Most financial advisors are in a state of denial about robo-advice. They say clients value the human touch or need real people to understand the nuances of their financial lives. They’re wrong. Soon robo-advice will be much more efficient than human advice ever was. The next step in wealth management is to get rid of it’s weakest and costliest part – the human advisor.

ML  in behavioural analysis that tracks typical investors mistakes and  reacts on nervousness, not thought-through decisions, spontaneous  reactions to market downturns etc. Contact the investors when they really need explanation and support.

Sophisticated  portfolio allocation and rebalancing backed by algorithmic trading  and execution algorithms. Real  time adjustments in investment strategy (change in goals, life  situation, job, location, marital status, remuneration) on finest  level, that human advisors could not deliver

Combination of long term advice with ML analysis of current budget status (with integration all bank accounts) and spending and saving practices.  The result would be high level plans combined with help in everyday execution.

Chatbot and voice technology – explaining the investment strategy and current market situation in most natural manner.

ML  in in analysis and navigation of tax nuances. Implementing those AI functionalities in robo advice systems will be important step on the way to delivering more financial freedom. Professional advice, available to anybody, especially to those who can’t afford it now, but need it most. At friction of the current costs.