Financial Inclusion using State of the Art Technology

In today's Fintech space, multiple products, services and platforms facilitate people in different banking related tasks such as account information, saving and investment. Rafi Ullah discusses financial inclusion using state of the art technology for the unbanked.

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Turning Mistaken Identity into Customer Delight

The risks associated with identity (individuals and devices) are changing rapidly, and nowhere more-so than in the payments space. James Mirfin talks turning mistaken identity into customer delight.

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Moving Towards A Decentralised Payment System

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies made profound changes to financial services. The next generation of financial technology powered by Blockchain will be an even bigger. Phil Toth talks about moving towards a decentralised payment system.

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Taking Gift Cards (truly) Digital

The evolution from paper gift vouchers is ongoing despite the world moving to electronic payment methods. Alan Smith talks about how to truly make a gift card digital.

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Closing the Gap between Banking & Payments

For the past five years, the payments and banking industry has been in a constant state of flux. New entrants and well-known institutions are disrupting traditional services, shifting their focus to future-forward technologies in an attempt to solve the challenges of existing, incumbent infrastructure. Daria Rippingale talks about closing the gap between banking and payments.

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Indirect Disruption of Payments – The Strategists Dream

It's a well worn cliche that there has been more disruption in payments in the past five years, than the preceding fifty years since the dawn of the credit card. But while large tech brands and specific Fintech success stories have influenced a shift in payments thinking, very often it's as a result of direct intervention. Rob Fernandes talk about the indirect disruption of payments - the strategists dream.

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