Ecosystem Evolution

Ecosystem Evolution By Anastasios Avranas With the use of current technology we can move to decentralised models, powered by digital assets with the use of blockchain tech and security, something that will provide cost efficiencies, transparency and speed of execution as opposed to current models that are supposed by legacy organisations as form of revenue …

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Payology – The need to Educate Generation Z

Payology – The need to educate Generation Z By Sarah Broughton ‘Payology’. Pay-what? A Generation Z kid may ask. ‘Payology’ is the official study of the payment ecosystem. With the current population of Gen Z at 23 million and growing rapidly, the industry could be doing more to educate the payments pioneers of the future …

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Exploring the UK Regulatory Environment on Blockchain and Crypto Transfers

Exploring the UK regulatory environment on Blockchain and Crypto Transfers By Hamza Basyouni In January 2018, changes to the required compliance and registration procedure, begun with the implementation of PSD2, an EU directive which aims to bring regulation up to date with developments in the payment services industry and to promote further innovation. In London, …

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The Role of Context-Aware Payments in a Digital Economy

  The Role of Context-Aware Payments in a Digital Economy By Dr Nima Amirshekari A context-aware system is able in adapting its operations to a given context, without explicit user intervention and thus aims at increasing usability and effectiveness by taking environmental context into account. On the other hand, digital transformation is about using the …

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Case Study – Digital Transformation in Banking: Societe Generale

Digital transformation is a priority of Societe Generale’s “Transform to Grow” strategic plan. Societe Generale in the UK partnered with FINTECH Circle to run its acceleration program to test more agile working methods, design thinking and fast prototyping to develop internal projects.

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